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“How long will it take to set this up?”



You’re pretty if…

i’m sure i’m not the only girl who’s experienced this but i noticed a lot of guys (ones i’ve dated and ones i haven’t) comment on my appearance and basically tell me i look good (pretty/hot/sexy/beautiful/etc) but only conditionally. let me show you what i’m talking about

things that have personally been said to me:

“you’re pretty, but keep your hair long”

“you’re hot when you take your glasses off”

“you’re hot when you keep your glasses on”

“you’d be sexy if you shaved your legs/armpits”

“you’re not bad looking but you need to do your eyebrows”

“you’d look better if you wore some makeup”

“you have a nice body, why do you hide it with baggy sweatshirts?”

“you’d attract more guys if you didn’t dress like a boy”

i could go on. some of these have been said dozens of times by lots of different men (and a few women, but mostly men) and it’s pretty disgusting??? i didn’t listen to any of their advice because FUCK them i’m gonna do my own thing but it still stung every time.

now i have a husband who loves me and calls me beautiful with no conditions. he’s horrified that any of these things were ever said to me. now of course i don’t need him to tell me that to feel validated and beautiful because i’ve worked on my self-esteem long enough to know that on my own, but it’s really nice to hear and it’s nice to have someone who feels that way about me

so here’s my message

girls: you are beautiful. no ifs, ands, or buts. you are beautiful exactly as you are and exactly as you choose to be at any given time. don’t listen to anybody that tells you otherwise. and don’t settle for anybody that thinks anything less

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Star Trek, Mudd’s Women by William Ware Theiss, Fall 1966/ Moschino by Jeremy Scott, Fall 2018

trekcore: Leonard Nimoy and Harve Bennett


Leonard Nimoy and Harve Bennett




Name: U.S.S. Providence

Name: U.S.S. Providence

Affiliation: Starfleet

Year: 2254

Background: Starfleet light cruiser, part of Task Force led by the Enterprise after the Chakuun attack on the Federation colony of Jubal. Received upgrades for that very mission During a patrol of the Diomed Cluster they intercepted a distress call from the Federation colony on Theta Kalyb and went to investigate. The TF found the Chakuun fleet wiping out the colony and engaged fighters and “ghostships”. The Providence was destroyed during the engagement.

Appeared in Star Trek: Early Voyages #10-11, Marvel Comics


[during the first week of the Academy]
Kirk: Bones, I think I might have an STD.
Bones: That’s okay, I’m a Doctor, lemme see.
Kirk: No. I could not continue to live here if you saw my infected junk.
Bones: Well then definitely let me see.

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The “I Was Turned Into An Iguana/Lizard/Amphibian” Starfleet support group has a surprisingly large number of members

(“No, sir, you’ve come to the wrong group. This is a reptile dysfunction.”)