Picard series will be very different in tone t…

Picard series will be very different in tone to Star Trek: Discovery: undefined


bones: [to jim] every time you mention spock, i make you give me five dollars. by the way, you owe me three hundred dollars



That relatable feeling when your boss has a loud fight while you’re trying to text.

wemblingfool: boldly-yo: Miles is NOT allowed…



Miles is NOT allowed to make fun of Julian’s outfits anymore

Three days after Worf arrives on DS9, Miles is making fun of Bashire’s clothing tastes.

Worf casually sits down next to them, and without saying a word, produces a data padd. Everyone assumes he’s just going over reports, until he quietly hands it to Julian, who bursts out laughing. He then hands it over to Dax, who claps her hand over her mouth, and passes it on to Kira, who’s eyes go wide. By now O’Brien is wondering what’s going on, as Kira hands him the padd. The color drains from him as it’s a slideshow of his worst outfits from his days on the Enterprise.





coffee-in-that-nebula: This hotness shouldn’t…


This hotness shouldn’t be allowed.




replied to your post “When I tried to go to sleep yesterday I started thinking AGAIN on how…”

The only way I could justify this would be that maybe twins and triplets are exceedingly common? But this isn’t ever mentioned so ����‍♀️

Yeah, I agree that this would have solved the problem. Ocampan’s have only one pregnancy, but basically a litter. 

But Kes says that she will have “a child” and only ever talks about this child in singular. The possibility of more isn’t mentioned. She then proceeds to have only one child and one grandchild. 

Which shows you the problem right there because Kes’ parents, Tom’s parents, Kes, Tom, Harry, Harry’s parents and Linnis all end up with one single descendant in Andrew. From 10 people to 1.



Writing the script for Amok Time must have been pretty fun.

“Okay, so now we’re making Spock so horny he could literally die.”

“Great. How about in the ending we make him get over it by having him roll around with Kirk in Vulcan’s sands?”

“Now we’re talking.”

“He should definitely claim he must fuck or die but then he wrestles with Kirk and everything is fine again”.
“That’s a great idea, Chad”