yeah… i’m back on my bullshit

Counselor Ezri Dax of Deep Space 9.

I’m very logical, I had a scientific upbringing, and I’m not the kind of person who would say anything like this lightly, but there is a supernatural force at work, as far as I’m concerned, with Jim. Ever since I first set eyes on him, he has been an essential part of my life.



it’s still so funny to me that the borg, by far the most iconic, long-lasting and threatening enemies star trek as a franchise ever had, were introduced on a q episode where he suddenly decided it was time to go bother picard and got rejected yet again, so he sent the enterprise to borg space for the first time with the sole purpose of humbling picard through intimidation enough to get his crush to say the words ‘i need you’ to him. he left this stunt with 18 casualties on his shoulders and kicked off entire seasons worth of plot and spin-offs and iconic oneliners, all solely because he was extra horny for picard that one time. powerful.



just saw an article that was like “who would win: khan singh or julian bashir?” listen i love julian and he’s no stranger to combat but khan would fold him like an accordion. that’s not even a question.

No contest 😅



Doctor Beverly Crusher checks on Chief Engineer Geordi La Forge using an experimental interface.