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@fate-motif ok so contextless: this is the funniest shit ever. sisko, jake, nog, and quark have a Dads/Uncles-‘n-Sons camping trip in the gamma quadrant. sisko is Not Pleased because can the man just bond with his son for once without everyone getting in the way? god. quark is also Not Pleased because he’s the type of person who tries to find an outlet to charge his phone in the woods (this is not a criticism, i know because i am also that person). anyway they stumble across a vorta, get captured by the jem’hadar, and quark has to make use of his rogue class selection by lockpicking their way out of the whole situation. first contact: achieved.

Jo, because we’re friends and i love to torment you, i feel the need to add that Quark also is the one to discover that the Gamma Quadrant is run by a shady organization called the Dominion. Y’know, of “Dominion War” fame. It’s kind of sidelined by the main plot of the episode, which is mostly about Quark having a gay panic over being attracted to a girl in drag.

Vital plot information obtained, sexual crisis mostly repressed, the head of his entire society blackmailed: all in a day’s work for Quark.

i need a cease and desist order for tumblr user @heroscafe for giving me information about quark i never asked for