Props Master Mario Moreira explains in a new Star Trek:…

 Props Master Mario Moreira explains in a new Star Trek: Discovery
featurette how he and his team took a “period piece” approach to
creating the props for the show. Check out the video above for a full

The new phasers—which Mario describes as the “crown jewel” of Star Trek’s
Federation arsenal—definitely bear a resemblance to the phasers we know
and love, but include additional flourishes appropriate to the time.

“Comparing it to the original series phaser, it has very similar lines,” Mario says. “We gave it more of that militaristic feel.

“A lot of today’s industrial design inspired the look of our props,” he adds.

Meanwhile, the alien Klingon armor and weaponry had to exude a totally different look and feel from those of Starfleet.

“We wanted to re-explore our Klingons as more of an aesthetic warrior
race,” Mario says. So, the species’ helmets, for instance, which are
incredibly ornate and textured, were inspired by Roman and Greek vases
that were all inlaid and carved.“