classictrek: Why did Saavik stay on Vulcan instead of…


Why did Saavik stay on Vulcan instead of accompanying the Enterprise crew home? In a scene that was cut from Star Trek IV, it’s revealed that she is pregnant with Spock’s child after the events of The Search For Spock.

In the blu-ray commentary for The Voyage Home, writer Peter Krikes says: “There was a scene with Kirk on the Bridge of the Bird-of-Prey. They cut out five lines where Kirk says to Saavik, ‘Have you told him yet?’ And she says, ‘No. I’m taking a maternity leave’ All they did was cut out five lines of dialogue, and you lost that whole thing, which, I believe, will turn up in a Harve Bennett script in a couple of years.”

Indeed, Harve Bennett wrote two scenes involving Saavik’s pregnancy, one that mirrors Krikes’s (with the additional revelation that Spock doesn’t know) and another where she and Amanda discuss the child.

At director Leonard Nimoy’s request, the pregnancy was edited out of the film. Despite agreeing with Nimoy’s choice, Bennett has said that removing the unborn child from the movie makes Saavik’s final scene in the series much less poignant.

What did Robin Curtis have to say about all of this? “It was never discussed with me, not on any formal or informal basis,” she said in The Star Trek Interview Book. “Certainly I was just as much a… I don’t know if I can say participant, but a receiver of the rumor and the scuttlebutt at the time. People really seemed to think Saavik’s pregnancy was going to be a great idea and I got caught up in it. Not that I expected it to happen, but just that I felt I had so little knowledge of Star Trek and the fans seemed to have so much, I thought they must know what they’re talking about and this is obviously where this is leading. However, that clearly isn’t where it led and it was a bit of an adjustment for me. Nothing serious in the scheme of life, however I was somewhat disappointed about it.”