Behind the Scenes: Discovery Costumes

Behind the Scenes: Discovery Costumes:

Phillips went on to describe Discovery as a creative playground. “It’s the best playground you could ever have to design and create in,” she raved. “I think this is my biggest opportunity that I’ve had to design and be creative. It’s been amazing.” But does she ever feel constrained by franchise’s long history and all the many costumes that preceded her creations? “Well, definitely, because you’re always looking to what’s happened in the past and what has been established in the other shows,” Phillips replied. “But I think the mandate from the showrunner was to go boldly where no one’s gone before. Did I just say that? So, yeah, I feel like it was definitely a push to do something great and something different. I think, especially with the Klingons and with the Vulcans, we’ve been a little bit more limitless and done stuff that I feel like nobody else has done so far. Hopefully. And, hopefully, they’ll be well-received and everybody will love them.”