star-trek-enterprise-confessions: I love how Trip wasn’t given…


I love how Trip wasn’t given an option of abortion when he got pregnant with a Xilirian. Generally, there aren’t abortions in Star Trek and I am happy to see a portrayal of a future when all forms of life are appreciated, pre-born, alien, artificial… It gives me hope that once Earth will have a future without underclasses of people, and that everyone’s rights will be respected. That’s why I love all Star Trek Series. (A Xilirian should told him “That’s how our males get pregnant.”, though.)

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If you get knocked up by an alien species that is borderline compatible with your own, having the option of abortion seems really reasonable.
In this (alien impregnation) scenario it could very well be deadly to carry the pregnancy to term, since the human body isn’t constructed for it. Or it might seriously injure you. It’s strange thinking that’s an ok situation.