‘Star Trek: Discovery’: The Show’s First Gay Couple Will Face This 1 Major Problem

‘Star Trek: Discovery’: The Show’s First Gay Couple Will Face This 1 Major Problem:

1. Stamets being a workaholic comes between him and Dr. Culber

Q: You’re coming in as a half of the first gay couple on Star Trek. How does that feel?

Wilson Cruz: Incredibly humbling, really proud because I know that there’s been a lot of Star Trek fans, Star Trekkies out there that have been waiting to see if this was ever going to happen and to be able to be part of the couple that makes it happen for people is really exciting and humbling, like I said. And to do it with one of my friends of 20 years is beyond comprehension sometimes, and I think it’s real important.

It’s important that it’s an interracial couple. I think it’s important that we don’t make a big deal about that it’s a gay couple. That this is another relationship on the show and their real crux of their storyline is how they balance their work and their personal life. How do you work with someone that you love?

Q: So which one of you is the workaholic?

Cruz: [Paul Stamets] is definitely the workaholic and rightfully so. I mean, I have a lot to do. I have to keep people alive on the show — I’m not trying to play that down. But he’s got a lot of pressure on him, coming to him as a priority, coming from the captain. And he is laser-focused on what he’s doing and he’s very passionate about it so it’s attractive to me that he’s excited. I just wish he’d come home a couple times [laughs].

Q: I love that it’s not a big deal that you guys are a gay couple on the show, but you do have trouble it seems coming ahead because your [character] is more of a workaholic. What do you have to say about playing those scenes together?

Rapp: I feel like it’s a really honest exploration of work-life balance, and I’m under a tremendous amount of pressure from Captain Lorca to do my project a certain way and so, I’m not always going to be able to talk as openly with him about that because I don’t have time. So yeah, there’s some push and pull.

But one of the things about our relationship I think is fortunate is that we always understood one another and what’s important to one another. So that is something that really grounds us.