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Just because you delete your posts doesn’t mean it didn’t happen? You showed your true colors and your Twitter posts show it too. What you did wasn’t Trek, Star Trek is about acceptance and not being disrespectful to others and doesn’t take sides or make everything about themselves.

And I believe Manu should be banned from Gays in Space as he gives a bad name to the LGBTQ community.

Anthony Repp should be proud of himself for finding the courage to finally come forward because that is one of the most hardest things.

Fuck You Manu.

Did you just say he was part of “Gays in Space”? *nervous laughing*

Jesus. Christ. (Unless someone does it before i’ll add other screencaps later because I’m on my phone rn)

So it seems Voyager’s Icheb actor Manu Intiraymi is quite the disgusting creep.

Captain Janeway would not approve.

How can somebody be a part of Trek and still be this obtuse and disgusting? 😒

Oh look: more evidence of how creepy he is. Wonderful.

Never. Stop. Reblogging. This.

More screenshots. These are from his Twitter.

More Screenshots, these are from Twitter.

Heads up that not all Star Trek actors embody the message of Trek. 

The actor who plays Icheb on Star Trek Voyager is victim blaming Anthony Rapp for opening up about his sexual assault encounter with Kevin Spacey