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Getting really sick that every incarnation of Star Trek seems to further the idea that bisexuality/pansexuality is only acceptable when it’s portrayed in the Mirrorverse, or by Mirror!characters.

The scene with Mirror!Georgiou propositioning both an Orion man and woman was predictable and, quite frankly, disappointing. As a bisexual woman, I want representation, I do, but it really pisses me off when the representation continues to only be given to us when it is an “evil“ Mirrorverse character. It implies that bisexuality is a wicked orientation. I love Mirror!Kira (The Intendant!), Mirror!Ezri, Mirror!Leeta, and Mirror!Georgiou for being able to see women having a sexual attraction to one another onscreen, but ultimately, I think Star Trek needs to reevaluate what they consider representation.

And I can hear all the people already who will jump on this post to say:

  • But representation! I will take it, who cares if it’s Mirror!Georgiou 
    • it matters what kind of representation we get, and how we get it. Georgiou was using the sex workers as a means to an end; she had sex with them to get information. Her bisexuality is used to further the plot, while adding a “sensational” and “scandalous” element that will shock some viewers.
  • But Garak was pansexual, and he’s not from the mirrorverse!
    • Andrew Robinson played Garak as omnisexual, but it was never explicitly written in the text, and never confirmed by the show.
  • But Jadzia! she was pansexual, and she’s not from the mirrorverse! (Let me say first that I do consider Jadzia “good” representation, in some respects, but there is still a lot of problematic aspects)
    • Jadzia was also “reassociating“ with the wife of a former host, who was a man. She is persecuted for her love of the new Kahn host, who is a woman, while Ezri Dax is never persecuted for reassociating with Worf, a man.
      • Yes, it is made more difficult by Trill society being very much aware of two trills having been involved in the first situation, while in the second, the Trill homeworld may not be aware that Ezri and Worf are reassociating, but honestly whatever excuse you come up with to justify it, it’s still fucked up. The writing is lazy and contradictory. 

While I am grateful to Discovery for having a gay relationship in the forefront this season, I am still pissed off yet again by the continued trope that the Mirrorverse! is how they justify bisexuality onscreen.

I think one very nice thing they could do to remove “being bisexual is something evil women do in the mirror verse” is make prime Georgiou also explicitly bisexual.

(with Katrina Cornwell would be my preference, but hey).

(I agree entirely with OP)

I headcanon Katrina as both bi and having had a relationship with Philippa BUT as far as representation in canon I would prefer for Prime Sylvia Tilly to be explicitly bisexual. 1) She’s main cast and 2) Prime Philippa is dead so this would be an off screen relationship likely to be relayed in an off hand comment, and probably for some kind of dramah or “humanizing” reason and like, personally I’m not really here for any of that. 

OR, if they did want to do bisexual Katrina, she should get a girlfriend played by Laura Dern

I would love to have bi Tilly! That would be great. (or Laura, she’s brilliant).

I think mentioning Prime Philippa is bi takes away the ‘evil bisexual’ trope because then she’s always bi, and that’s important. It’s not just the evil one who is bi.

How about we just make everyone bi? XD

In case it’s not clear, that is an entirely serious suggestion…

@ussjellyfish  Ah, yes, I see what you mean (I fixated on the Katrina part and lost your point). I suppose it could come up in a conversation between Kat & GFPB:Laura Dern and most of my concerns would be satisfied. Or in a tie-in story, which while unfortunately off-screen, could give it the weight it deserves more than a throwaway comment could. 

@rikerssexblouse That is my suggestion 99% of the time, so. 

Well, it’s the best suggestion, so… XD

Bisexuality as a sign of decadence and/or perversion is a damn outdated trope, Star Trek.