DS9 was a show in which:

  • Sisko suddenly yelled loudly when no one was expecting it
  • Odo’s most frequent line was basically “harumph”
  • We all fell madly in love with Kira
  • Bashir paid Jake and Nog to steal his stuffed bear back from his ex
  • Jadzia informed us the spots go all the way down
  • Garak was just a plain and simple tailor
  • Lwaxana made being horny an airborne disease
  • O’Brien sighed a lot
  • Moogie wasn’t having any of that sexist bullshit
  • Worf lived on the Defiant because socializing sucks
  • A little ship took a little trip
  • Sisko, Kira, Jadzia, and Bashir got trapped in a game in Quark’s bar
  • The moonlight was pale and the stars were far beyond
  • Rom organized a labor revolt
  • Nog told Jake he didn’t like his fanfiction
  • Dukat got a massive splinter in his ass and Kira pulled it out
  • Quark explained a spreadsheet to the Klingon high council
  • Sisko and Jadzia threw tribbles at Kirk
  • Nog put oatmeal in a bucket, said it was Odo, and threw it at Jake
  • Morn drank much, spoke none