“I hate this” Bones grumbles, rereading the information he needs for his next exam for the umpteenth time because he just can’t quite grasp the concept.
“I know you do,” Jim pats his roommate’s shoulder sympathetically as he sets down coffee for both of them.

“I hate this,” Bones mutters as he straps himself into his seat on the shuttle, ready to board the Enterprise as official CMO.
“I know you do,” Jim says from the seat next to him, unable to put into words how grateful he is that Bones is coming with him.

“I hate this,” Bones says to no one in particular, taking a moment to sit by Jim’s unconscious form.
“I know you do,” a pair of blue eyes are staring up at him, a pair of hands tugging him towards the bed. Before he knows it, he’s kissing his best friend.

“I hate this,” Bones sighs after yet another argument with Jocelyn about Joanna.  
“I know you do,” Jim sympathises as he wraps his boyfriend in a hug, silently planning all the ways he can convince Jocelyn she’s being stupid.

“I hate this,” Bones says under his breath as yet another group of top brass come to congratulate them. Jim chuckles and squeezes their linked hands, the cool touch of gold rings warming his heart.

“No you don’t”

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