Name: U.S.S. NelsonType: Constellation-class S…

Name: U.S.S. Nelson

Type: Constellation-class Starship

Year: 2254


part of Task Force led by the Enterprise after the Chakuun attack on the Federation colony of Jubal. Received upgrades for that very mission During a patrol of the Diomed Cluster they intercepted a distress call from the Federation colony on Theta Kalyb and went to investigate. The TF found the Chakuun fleet wiping out the colony and engaged fighters and ghost ships. The battle was fierce and ended with the Chakuun withdrawing on good faith after actions by Enterprise personnel on the surface. Of the five ship task force, only the Nelson and the Enterprise survived. Casualties included the ships captain and a good portion of the senior crew. The ship returned to Starbase 45 for extended repairs.

Appeared in Star Trek: Early Voyages 10-11, Marvel Comics