I’ve seen people trash talking the spore drive for being too “out there” to be Trek?

and I would just like to remind everyone that Voyager ran off partially organic circuitry

and once got sick from inhaling alien cheese 

plus that thing with the Janeway/Paris lizard babies but we don’t talk about that

the spore drive seems pretty reasonable to me, all things considered.


Kirk once encountered Abraham Lincoln floating around in space. Beverly Crusher had sex with a ghost, O’Brien got harassed by Rumpelstiltskin and Trip got pregnant by sticking his hands in a bowl of bath beads.

But nooooo, the spore drive is too weird. 

Dax, O’Brien, and Bashir got shrunken down to a couple inches

The TNG crew encountered the Irish stereotype planet

Picard, Guinan, Ro, and Keiko got turned into children.

The TNG crew all got addicted to a space video game.

The TNG crew (again) de-evolved.

The weird acid trip warp drive music and effect from the TOS pilot.

The DS9 crew got trapped in a board game

Fair Haven.

The Naked Time / The Naked Now.

Literally every holodeck episode ever.

But yes, Discovery’s spore drive is just way too weird for the super serious Star Trek franchise.

Barclay literally became a spider like what fucking other proof do you need that star trek is, and always will be, the weirdest fucking thing ever

Guys Spock’s brain literally got stolen

Q. Just… Q. With great hits such as:

  • dumping the entire TNG main crew into a Robin Hood AU
  • Mariachi band on the bridge
  • trying to fistfight Captain Sisko, getting decked, and then being honestly hurt/offended that someone would do that to him
  • sassing everyone
  • and lots more other things i can’t think of rn