From Dee @spockslash ‘s son again:

For all the gay and trans people who wrote messages to my family about what my mom meant to you, my husband and I want to respond. First, thank you. It was great to hear. I’m proud of my mom for many things but the most for what an ally and advocate she was to the gay community. Especially for kids. Obviously I’m gay and I feel very lucky that my mom was my mom. She was the best. Not merely accepting but celebrating who I am. Adopting my husband and loving him like her own son. When I was in high school and college all the gay and questioning kids hung out at my house because of her. One trans boy lived at our house for over a year when his parents threw him out. She showered us with love and pride. I’ve read through some of her blog and can see that she was doing online what she did in real life. I’m glad and proud that she did that even when she was old. An old lady on tumblr because she always was the coolest though she didn’t know it. Now she’s gone, please, gay and trans kids who wrote to my family about her, honor her by loving yourselves and never, ever doing yourself harm. It’s what she would want. It’s really important. Thanks. -Zachary

This is absolutely beautiful.

If each of us can remember to be like her, be an ally to each other, no matter what our orientation, we can make 23rd century happen.

Let’s be the change we want to see in this world. 🖖🏼