I can’t let go of this scenario where everyone and Spock thinks he and Jim are dating, but Jim has no idea.

Late night chess matches over candlelight? Jim’ll send Yoeman Rand to fix Spock’s lights later. Spock giving Jim affectionate glances and smiles throughout shift? Jim’s just glad Spock isn’t gonna choke him against the console again. Near constant handholding? Nothing wrong with two bros showing how much they care. T’hy’la? No idea what that means, but Uhura gets all giggly when Spock says it, so it must be an insult.

Like Bones could go up to Jim and be “hey what are you getting Spock for your anniversary?” And Jim would be like “anniversary of what?” and then Bones would roll his eyes and say “since you tricked that poor alien into giving you the time of day, what do you think I’m talking about?” and Jim needs a couple of hyposprays to stay conscious

But then Jim is like “shit I haven’t done a single romantic thing this whole time and Spock deserves better” so Jim pulls out all the stops and woos the fuck out of his alien bf. The real kicker is that Spock doesn’t know until years later that for months Jim had no fucking clue they were together