Tell me who your fav Star Trek character is and why, plz.

For science. 

b’elanna torres, because it was so important to me to see a washed-up, unloved young woman full of bitterness and self-loathing not only prove herself a hundred times over but slowly heal and build herself a family. and she is exactly what i would have given anything to see in a fictional character when i was a little girl: a latina woman who was not conventionally attractive but still pretty, who was an eminence in her scientific field, who experienced anger but had nuance and wasn’t just a telegraphed tomboy, who didn’t define herself through the men in her life, and who eventually worked through her pain and became a better person

jadzia dax because as a bisexual woman her kiss with lenara was so important to me!! to see two women kiss on television??? and not be sexualized??? and not be like “we’re just doing this for attention from the boys!! 😉 no homo tough!!!” that shit was SO IMPORTANT to me

and then there’s the fact that jadzia was so sexually active in general. like she loves sex and isn’t ashamed of it and (for the most part) isn’t shamed for it

and on top of all that she was strong and smart and independent and didn’t take anyone’s shit

if there’s one character i strive to be like, it’s jadzia dax