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One of my favourite Garak moments, actually I love this entire episode its hilarious.

This is one of my favorite DS9 moments of all time.

This is one of those moments that proves why Ds9 has the best character work of all the Treks.
First of all – everyone’s actions is completely in character. Everyone’s actions and lines makes complete sense from what we understand of them.
Secondly: It has no bearing on the actual episode. It does however leads us to better understanding of the characters, their relationships and their history.
It’s good, funny and clever dialogue.

It establishes a lot of things in a short time:

  • That Garak and Dukat has a feud and that this has been going on for a long time
  • That Dukat is hitting on Kira
  • That Kira have no idea about Dukat hitting on her
  • That once she’s aware of it, it makes her deeply uncomfortable.
  • That Dukat has both a massive ego and doesn’t want to make him hitting on Kira explicit (A great insight to this asshat’s character)

All of these things are then picked up in future episodes and discussed, said in passing remarks or used as plot points. We don’t see this just now – it is ongoing work to establish these characters and their relationships with each other. 

Compare it with Voyager that, while I love it, always push the reset button. If an episode is about a specific character, we might get some development. For that episode. But we rarely got continuing work on character development that goes beyond one single episode. And we rarely got this sort of funny dialogue which so well connects to different threads of interest and relationships that are picked up and developed.