Listen, I’m not a canon purist by any means. I am the disgusting bastard child of AUs and crack!fics. So when I say that a “canon” adaption of a piece of media made my blood boil…

Like… what… the fuck… is it?

It says it’s Star Trek, but it can’t possibly be Star Trek. Nerds In Space™ doesn’t translate to FPS in any realm.

Like… what self-respecting post-reform Vulcan would carry a weapon like that????

And I know AOS Kirk is a bit grittier that TOS Kirk, but are you for real? It took the murder of his pseudo-father to make him go Homicidal Rage, and even then he chilled out by the time the murder chance was presented to him.

I mean, call me a purist if you want, but the only thing I can think is that if you’re looking for warfare among the stars, there might be a whole other franchise for you to look into