been seeing a lot of ignorance on twitter concerning trek and i don’t understand

1. why it’s so hard for people to read articles before sharing opinions
2. why people don’t understand why someone would quit their job after being told they wouldn’t receive the agreed salary

so here’s a good example, very easy to comprehend: i love my job. i love working with those kids and my coworkers are some of my best friends. i get paid $450 a week. so if i sign my contract and agree with the company that i get $450/wk, and then show up to the training week before the summer starts only to be told “hey sorry, i know we agreed on your pay earlier this year but…well finance has told us our budget got cut so you’re actually getting paid $170 per week instead. and you won’t get your food stipend, sorry. but we know you’ll still do this job because you love working here and it’s fun for you!”

if that happened, y’all? spoiler alert, i’d probably quit. yes, i love that job, and it is fun. but i don’t do it for fun. 


Chris Pine signed on to do a 4th movie before STB wrapped for a specified amount of money. Yes, it was probably a decent amount, seeing as he’s not a nobody anymore and he is the lead of this ensemble cast. That’s how Hollywood works.

What the article didn’t tell you is that it is highly likely Paramount will try to do the same thing to Karl, Zach, Zoe and Cho, since all of them have also substantially grown in profile.

Some other movie made more money with another Chris in it who they had in their movie for 5 minutes, and now that Chris is a big shot. There own Chris is also kind of a big deal. So they want everybody to take a pay cut so they can bring in another high profile actor to take screen time away from the regular ensemble cast in a previously trashed script that they can’t let go of because now they think getting this actor is the only way to make their money because he made someone else money on a big series of movies that Paramount sold the rights to years ago and they are so completely butthurt about it that they don’t think their own Chris is awesome enough so they want the BIGGER AWESOMER Chris back, and he costs mucho bucks because he’s BIG and AWESOME

Whoops, my hand slipped. Anyway. Chris Pine isn’t being a greedy bastard, he’s fighting for the amount he was promised in the contract he signed 3 years ago. And he’s putting his foot down, because he knows that same bullshit is gonna hit his friends, his crew, and that shit ain’t fair. He’s fighting for them too.

It’s not Chris Pine’s fault Paramount has routinely phoned it in on this franchise in regards to marketing and targeting its audiences. He just fucking works here, man.

So who’s your captain now, bitches?