When I should have been asleep yesterday, instead I was thinking about some fantasy concepts involving trans people:

  • A mythical sword has appeared as evil threatens the kingdom. It is said that only the daughter of the king can wield it. But the king is said to have no daughters. The king’s only child enters the throne room late one night and grabs the sword. Because the prince, as she well knows, is actually a princess. Adventure ensues.
  • A mighty magician tries to bring down the Chosen One by saying his true name. But the name has no power because the magician doesn’t know the Chosen One’s true name, because he fails to understand journey of the Chosen One. And so the magician falls and the land is saved.
  • As the world is plagued by demons, the prophecy says that their savior will arrive disguised to this world so that evil won’t find her. They search throughout the seven continents and find their heroine – a young girl who’s parents believed her to be a boy at her birth. It is her destiny to save her world from evil. 

ALRIGHT SO I WROTE THE FIRST ONE. Because I have been thinking about this and I’m a sucker for dramatic fantasy.

The sun had set over the city of D’Sa. The pale light of the second moon reflected in the river that flowed through the city, eager to join the sea that filled the horisont beyond the walls. Aki sat perched on a window sill in the royal quarters, overlooking the city. 

The first moon could be seen as a plump, white makra melon in the fountain on the palace courtyard. Figures moved through the shadows, still restless in this late hour. Another garrison of soldiers had arrived today from the battlefields of the southern continent. Aki had heard them talking when tending to their wounds, their faces tired and bloodied from the war. 

They all spoke of the Sword of Truth. The mighty sword had been buried and lost for a thousand years. Through wars and famine the sword has stayed lost. Many said it had never existed. But now, as the last hour of the kingdom was at hand and Aki’s father, the king, was close to death, the sword had been found in a lake north of D’Sa. Twelve men had carried the sword to the palace and the throne room. The marble slab on which it had been placed had cracked under the weight.

The myth said that only a daughter of the king could wield it. And the people of the kingdom knew the cause was hopeless, because the king had no daughters. Only prince Aki. The war against the forces of the darkness could be lost. Many other noble daughters had tried to lift the sword, but it didn’t budge.

While looking at the gleaming towers of D’Sa, Aki made a decision.

The throne room was empty. In the day time it was crowded with the people of the court. They schemed in their fancy clothes of the latest fashion, trying ultimately to gain the favor of Aki’s father. But the king had been damaged in the battle of Bears Valley. The golden throne stood empty.

The day before, Aki had watched beside the king’s bed. Watching the shallow breaths, the chest painfully going up and down, made the king seem so small and frail. He that was, in a way, the world. For the kingdom but for Aki the most.

The king had sensed a presence, his brown eyes searching and finding the calm of Aki’s own. He slowly reached out with his hand, to cup his child’s gentle face.

“Father?” Aki said, the voice trembling despite a resolution to stay strong.

“Now is the time”, the king said, with a remnant of his royal authority still there. “Our kingdom needs you. All of you. You must step out of the shadow I so long have cast on you.”

And so Aki walked towards the Sword of Truth. Maybe it had waited for this moment. Because for every step Aki took in the great hall of D’Sa, the more the sword seems to shine. The black hilt lit with letters from a long forgotten language, the one spoken by the ancient ones that forged this sword so long ago. The air was crisp and loaded like before a thunderstorm. As Aki finally reached out and lifted the sword from it’s resting place on the cracked marble, the whole throne room lit up with a mighty light like two full moons.

It weighed nothing in her hand. Amazed, she lifted it above her head and laughed. A great, long laugh that echoed across the sea, towards the armies of evil.

And the darkness, for the first time in a long time, was struck with fear.


*incoherent happy flailing* IT’S SO GOOD!!!

I’m so glad you liked it!