Name: U.S.S. Relativity

Name: U.S.S. Relativity

Type: Federation Timeship

Captain: Braxton

Year: 29th Century

Background: After it detected Excalibur’s time jump to 4 days in the past in an attempt to save the planet Haresh from the Redeemers, Relativity jumped to 2374 in hopes of stopping them from doing so. Braxton first tried reasoning with Commander Shelby, then Captain Calhoun, before trying force with weapons on low to hobble Excalibur. Calhoun quickly gathered Braxton didn’t want them dead and used that to his advantage, prepping suicide runs and arming the self destruct if they were disabled. Braxton backed off right as the Redeemer ship arrived but kept Relativity between Excalibur and the Redeemers. They were driven off when a 39th Century Enevian Timeship arrived, dwarfing them in size and weaponry, announced that Haresh and Excalibur were under their protection. The Redeemers also retreated.

Appeared in Star Trek: New Frontier “Double Time” One-shot, Wildstorm Comics. Previously seen on Star Trek Voyager “Relativity”