my nerdiness is something i usually play close to my chest while at work because i’m in a professional environment with people i’m forced to interact with every day and i never know how it’s going to be recieved

but today i slipped. we were discussing recent advances in medical technology and where we think they’ll be headed next and without thinking i referenced the ds9 episode where bashir transports the o’brien’s baby into kira’s body. but after an uncomfortable silence my coworker was like “well actually that probably wouldn’t work because…” and launched into an explanation of all the reasons why a woman’s body wouldn’t be able to handle a partially formed fetus suddenly transported into it and suggested that an artificial womb would be a more viable option. long story short we ended up having a very pleasant discussion about the scientific merits of that particular star trek episode

tldr: moral of the story is star trek is ALWAYS an appropriate topic of conversation, even at work