INTERVIEW: Talking Season 2 Sets with STAR TRE…

INTERVIEW: Talking Season 2 Sets with STAR TREK: DISCOVERY Production Designer Tamara Deverell | TrekCore Blog:

TREKCORE: How does that knowledge of Trek influence your designs?

DEVERELL: I mean, there are certain nods you want to make, especially in Season 2 – which of course I can’t talk about yet – but there were very specific [moments of] going to look at the canon and going, “Oh, that’s something I really want to emulate,” or echo, or you know, play with. A lot of people ask how we get away with doing a show that looks so much [more futuristic] than TOS, but predates it?

That’s the biggest question, I’ve gotten it a million times, and I say, “Would you want something that looks exactly like TOS in this day and age?” Of course not – but that’s part of Star Trek. Providing a look of the future, and going beyond, reaching for the stars, and reaching for the near-impossible.

Here is TrekMovie’s interview with her.