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Here it is: Best stuff first

Extremely handy if you follow a lot of people and hate missing anything good. 

Best Stuff First moves the best stuff on your dashboard—mhm!—right up to the top. 

It’s rolling out this week on iOS and Android, and comes with this Help Center article.  

Thanks! ✌️

I don’t have the option to turn it off yet, but chances are good that my dash is still affected. Chances are good that y’all have been affected. Whatever you do, keep checking your settings tab for the ability to TURN THIS OFF. Because we creators are gonna suffer from this.


There’s a chance that y’all might not have gotten this option yet, but i finally did. For the sake of all creators out there, check your general settings and look for this option. If you have it, TURN IT OFF. Don’t let some algorithm dictate what you see.

Don’t just like this. It needs to be spread so people know. Not only will your feed be out of chronological order, but creators who aren’t hella popular are suffering lack of exposure because of this. This is the one thing i WILL pressure to reblog.

Hilariously, I did not see this new post at the top of my dash until I turned off the dashboard sorting thing.

Dear @staff literally no-one wants this.

@staff and put back the old activity page

ok but this is literally the only time that the staff did something right. i’ve been wanting the option to turn it off since forever 

I hate “In your orbit”