my fave thing about the sisko is how he sometimes gets that manic gleam and u can tell he’s like 0.001 away from just going completely unhinged. he is one brainswitch away from spending 2 weeks analyzing ancient bajoran cuneiform or building a life size model space sailboat and that being ALL HE DOES. he’s gonna run away to a remote planet and grow herbs for a living and teach the locals how to play baseball. but no, The World Needs Him (and jake needs him), so he always comes back, u see it in that split second, in the blink of an eye he is always making and re-making this decision. there’s a reason mirror sisko is just checked the fuck out, constantly laughing — he’s gone someplace in his brain where he won’t have to contend with the horrors of the mirror universe. benjamin sisko laughs like that sometimes; we see him slowly unhinge his brain, consider. and then we see him come back, like a boomerang, every time.