OKAY ksdjfkldjf here i go. also im sorry if this is difficult to understand, this kinda thing activates the autism center of my brain so expressing myself is tricky.

im operating under some assumptions that i have made about Ferengi culture. First: view every relationship is a business relationship. Second: sex is an exchange, currency, and business tool. Third: Always operate under the assumption that you are being cheated, and always take advantage of the other guy. See the rules of acquisition,   285 is “No good deed ever goes unpunished.” (also honestly just read the rules of acquisition, i like to read through them fairly often to inform my reading of Ferengi characters)

Oo-mox and other sexual acts are part of transactions. If you want to lower a price, or rush negotiations, you can give a little oo-mox, I’d assume that a Ferengi would see no shame in getting on their knees to aid a business arrangement. its pretty implied that, at least in quark’s experience, the apprentice/boss relationship is in part sexual. 

this all leads me to believe that in male/male sexual relationships, that’s all it is, sexual, and a means to an end. Someone is the boss, someone is subservient. Everyone has something to gain, either a better deal, favor with the boss, or the physical pleasure of being served. 

I’m a HUGE fan of the fanon (it’s partially supported in canon, right?) that for Ferengi, male nudity is shameful. it’s expected that women be bare, but not men. 

also, if every relationship is a business relationship, how can you ever let down your guard enough to just love a man? to live with him, or give him your time and energy and affection? You cannot view yourself as equals, either you are on opposite sides of an exchange, or you are a boss and an employee. 

what im getting to, is that men are allowed and expected to express sexual prowess and sexual desire, but not romantic, and operate in these sexual partnerships with mutual distrust and no chance for vulnerability. its all very repressed and harmful. I like to imagine partnerships, groups, even small communities living away from Ferenginar, where they can let down their guards, feel free to express affection, and the women wear clothing. 


idk do you guys wanna hear about it???


I have SO many opinions about gay relationships and male sexuality within ferengi culture but I don’t wanna just say shit thats already been said, you know????