Since “Rom” means “Rum” in Swedish it means that Quark, Rom and Nog are all named after food and drink and now I’m hungry 

“Dukat” is, as we all know, a type of chocolate.

Trekking in two languages means you keep thinking about how “Ben” means “Bones” and “Legs”, Dax sounds like “Dags” which means “It’s time” and Kira is very close to “kirra” which means “getting it done”. And when you hear “Julian” you might mistake it for “Jul igen” which means “It’s Christmas time again”.

But that’s just how it is. 

wait my nickname is Dags (full name Dagny) and that is neat to know

Oh, that’s great! You have a handy name in that if you add anything to add, it becomes the time for it.

Swedish have lots of words like “Kaffedags” (Time for coffee), “Läggdags” (Time for bed) and “stängningsdags” (Time to close the store).

If you came here you would hear the joke “It’s Dagsdags” at least 150 times.