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at first i was upset that garak wasnt involved in the baseball episode of ds9 but you know his exact reaction to being invited would be

Key players on the Vulcan team would disappear mysteriously.


Christine Chapel in What Are Little Girls Made Of?






I’m just picturing all twelve Spock incarnations forced to work together “into the spider-verse” style. 


OG or Remix Small, for sure. Don’t F*ck with that kid.

What about 2d evil and 2d small?

GOD DAMN IT. Just when you think you’ve collected All The Spocks you realize there’s still more Spocks out there. When will it end? 

And okay, correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think we ever see 2d evil? Like feral evil and remix evil, he exists in theory only. 


Q was really out here, all powerful and shit, could choose any physical form and wanted to intimidate picard and the tng crew and he chose…..that. like why. he looks like your least favorite middle school teacher. he looks like a man that goes to a bakery and orders a coffee with sugar and toast. he looks like a man that would shop at L.L. Bean. he even has his cool makeup in Encounter at Fairpoint but that’s about as far as he goes (other than being naked) like why what is up with that. for a man who prides himself on his dramatic flair, he sure could’ve taken a look in the goddamn mirror before he chose a slightly angry, middle-aged, white man who looks like he yells at kids for trick or treating past 8:30pm

By 2020 standards I think it makes total sense that the annoying, in your face dude with a superiority complex without any sense of boundaries is a white, middle aged man. Maybe Q looked at humans and had one sudden rush of self realization.




trek ladies kissing (credit to: @amandatapping​ for the idea)


On January 29 I will host a watch along of Threshold.

What you’ll need to participate:

  • Netflix
  • Chrome
  • The chrome addition Netflix Party (which is free and easy to use).

It’ll probably be around 21:00 CET. If anyone wants to host a watch along that works better for other time zones they are welcome to use this post to advertise that and I’ll reblog it.

I’ll get back to you with a viewing url and let you know if the time changes.

We will be able to watch it together and chat in the mean time, so if anyone is up for that I think it’ll be fun.


he’s wearing the garak suit…………….