Author: Captain Crusher




Tora Ziyal, beautiful cinnamon roll too good for this world, too pure

same style as my Beth Greene portrait. thinkin of making a series called “young girls who deserved better”

[Start ID: A headshot drawing of Ziyal. She’s smiling and looking up and to left. End ID]






I’m getting this Tumblr ad right now and it’s the second one they’ve shown me specifically talking about balls.

I’m tired.


Sarek, sitting in a corner contemplating after receiving his weekly update from his children, Sybok “All The Feelings”, Micheal “Rash Decisions” Burnham, and Spock “Live, Long, and Get Wrecked”: Is it me?

Amanda not looking up from a book: Yes.



remember when Jim introduced Spock to his own parents lmao we stan a legend

Jim internally after the reveal: fuck they all must think I’m an idiot I don’t even know my first officer’s family name.

Sarek internally: wow my son didn’t even mention my name to his bondmate he can hold a grudge even better than I can.

Amanda internally: a captain? my boys done good for himself.


I wish Discovery would have included a counselor. One thing I really appreciated in TNG was the normalization of therapy. Gene Roddenberry was clear – mental health is important!

And as every Star Trek show has become increasingly dark, in a way, I think the need for counselors to be included for real again just increases too.

It’s a strange discrepancy between “Our officers have been trough war and lost loved ones and they are far from home in constant danger” and “no one is ever in need of a support structure for their mental health”.

At least ds9 had some good episodes with Ezri in season 7, but the crew were supposed to have been in war for a long time by then. If any counselor was stationed at ds9 it was never mentioned.