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I wish Discovery would have included a counselor. One thing I really appreciated in TNG was the normalization of therapy. Gene Roddenberry was clear – mental health is important!

And as every Star Trek show has become increasingly dark, in a way, I think the need for counselors to be included for real again just increases too.


The Best Screenshots I Took While Watching Star Trek: DS9

Part 2 of ? – Headshots cont’d


The Original Series:

  • Many characters are implied to have romantic interests with one another, but nothing sexual/mature is actually ever shown on the show.
    image… This party is off to a strong start.
  • No one gets drunk or high or anything of the like.
    imageYou fucking lie, parents’ guide.

The Motion Picture:

  • There is no real sexual content in the film.
    imagewhatever you say

The Wrath of Khan:

  • There is some implication that two characters had a child illegitimately.
    I ….
    … well

The Search for Spock:

  • A scary wolf-like alien appears as someone’s pet.
    imageI was going to make a joke, but to be honest, that thing was terrifying and I commend the parents’ guide for pointing it out. No child should be subjected to this hellish visage.
  • There are references to “pon farr”
    did I just read an honest-to-god parental warning for pon farr
    yes I did
    imagemy life is complete

The Voyage Home

  • 7 uses of “damn,” almost 20 uses of “hell.”
    Nobody pays any attention to you unless you swear every other word, ok. Damn. Also I can’t believe you counted.
  • Offhand comment implying a character did a little too much “LSD” in the 1960s.
    imagePssst–I think you missed the joke
  • Slightly trippy time-travel scene may be somewhat unsettling for small children.
    “Slightly” trippy? “Somewhat” unsettling? For “small children”?

The Final Frontier

  • A multiple-breasted cat-like humanoid dances on a bar table […] The aforementioned cat-like humanoid suddenly screeches and leaps out to attack a character.
    Look. I’m sorry we let Shatner direct a thing. You’re sorry we let Shatner direct a thing. We’re all sorry we let Shatner direct a thing. Apologies have been made. Memories have been wiped. Do you really need to keep rubbing it in our faces, parents’ guide? Do you?

The Undiscovered Country:

  • Some implied sexuality in a line of dialogue.
    WHAT WHERE?!??!




Good band name:

Julian Bashir and the Holiday Pants

Other possible Star Trek themed band names:
Tom Paris and the lizard babies

Riker’s Beard

Section 31


The Soong Singers

On Subspace

Self Destruct Initiated (SDI, they probably do some sort of hardcore metal)

The Shapeshifters

Android Dreams


Messhall Madness

Chaotic Space

The Ripped Shirts




Remember that time when Julian thought that his great-grandmother might have served aboard the Enterprise?  Well I am 1701% sure that this was his great-grandfather.

My headcanon about this is that while, obviously, Julian is not his own great-grandfather, his great-grandparents met because of him.  Lieutenant Watley was indeed charmed by this lovely dork she saw briefly in the turbolift, and goes looking for him later.  She thinks she’s found him, but wait… no, it’s not the same man, is it?  Then this guy sees her staring at him, and his face lights up in a huge, goofy grin.  Lieutenant Watley blinks a bit.  It is him.  Surely there can’t be two grins in the galaxy like that.  She’d thought for a second… but, after all, she had only seen him for a moment in the turbolift…

She goes to say hello, she’s glad to see him again, and he doesn’t want to admit he can’t remember meeting her before, so he plays along, and they end up talking about science for hours, and he’s late for his next duty shift and his workmates tease him about it, but he’s walking on air anyway, because she asked him to dinner, and the rest is history.



oh ok sorry




@ the star trek fandom; stop being so irreparably horny about everything


Janeway in 1×7 “The Eye of the Needle”



my fave thing about the sisko is how he sometimes gets that manic gleam and u can tell he’s like 0.001 away from just going completely unhinged. he is one brainswitch away from spending 2 weeks analyzing ancient bajoran cuneiform or building a life size model space sailboat and that being ALL HE DOES. he’s gonna run away to a remote planet and grow herbs for a living and teach the locals how to play baseball. but no, The World Needs Him (and jake needs him), so he always comes back, u see it in that split second, in the blink of an eye he is always making and re-making this decision. there’s a reason mirror sisko is just checked the fuck out, constantly laughing — he’s gone someplace in his brain where he won’t have to contend with the horrors of the mirror universe. benjamin sisko laughs like that sometimes; we see him slowly unhinge his brain, consider. and then we see him come back, like a boomerang, every time.


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