If you’re still doing the discovery au t…

If you’re still doing the discovery au thing-au where everyone is in middle school and Michael’s the new kids

  • baby disco!kids? yes
  • but i also couldn’t imagine lorca as a child if held at gunpoint, so he’s the strict teacher
  • paul is a loner science nerd and has a big crush on fellow science nerd hugh culber. he’s the type of middle schooler who’d write him a “get out of my school” note
  • sylvia tilly is the horribly chatty teacher’s pet. she loves learning! she loves her teacher! she wants to have a real friend though
  • ash tyler is popular, but he’s not Popular, if you know what i mean. he’s just a purely genuinely nice guy, and nobody could ever hate him. he’s always picked first in kickball
  • saru is also a teacher’s pet, but in a much more snide/condescending way. he’s also a serial tattle-tale
  • sarek moves the family, and michael is quiet and keeps to herself, but she’s smart. she and sylvia get paired up in a lot of projects because they’re both loners. they slowly become BFFs. sylvia makes them friendship bracelets
  • paul and michael also get along really well because they both love grumpy science silence. they’re an intimidating force of nature
  • ash, who is nice to everyone, is nice to michael and sylvia. he somehow gets roped into their best friendship, and they all walk home together from school. they coordinate costumes for halloween. they’re FRIENDS and it’s BEAUTIFUL

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@narramin this is the most ominous reply ive ever gotten………t,hank you,.,,


interesting show lore! also here’s a clickable link to that interview

very, very late concept for star trek disco: t…

very, very late concept for star trek disco: tilly plays/played the electric guitar

  • sylvia tilly: secret rockstar
  • she was into musicians because she IS a musician! open your eyes, people!
  • guitar is really just a hobby, but she’s really good at it. the first time michael hears her play, she gets a little bit faint and doesn’t know why
  • tilly is totally oblivious to how much of a heartthrob she is or is she.
  • imagine our girl finding an electric guitar in one of the rec rooms and casually picking it up to play a few songs. by the end of her break, she has a considerable audience gathering tossing out requests
  • her playing in the rec room becomes routine. tilly has a swarm of admirers and it’s absolutely beautiful
  • one day, culber sings while she plays. it’s a deadly combination. rip the disco crew
  • tilly doesn’t understand why a new cadet trips into a wall when they see her, but michael finds it helplessly amusing and not relatable at all nope

ST Disco: everyone's favorite holodeck pr…

ST Disco: everyone's favorite holodeck program?

  • idk the specific holodeck programs so i’m just gonna stick to genre/type here
  • MICHAEL: she loves environmental simulations where she can see anywhere in the galaxy because she’s an unapologetic NERD
  • LORCA: his most-used simulations are war simulations but he secretly loves sport simulations. he has a soft spot for ultimate frisbee
  • ASH: our sweet summer child loves his holonovels. he’s a sucker for telanovela-type stories
  • TILLY: she’s into interactive character simulations. she loves talking to dead famous scientists and captains. imagine her talking to simulation!georgiou. it’s her fav
  • STAMETS: haha this chaotic good mushroom man loves his recreational simulations. he’ll go hard at carnival in rio, but only if it’s a simulation
  • CULBER: he’s also a holonovel guy, but he likes his psychological thrillers
  • SARU: bro loves historical simulations cuz he’s also a nerd and secretly loves history. georgiou loved historical sims and got him interested in them

Cause I’m trash for soulmark!AUs Michael…

Cause I’m trash for soulmark!AUs Michael believing that she doesn’t deserve a soulmate after the Shenzho then meeting your person of choice on board the Discovery

  • okay i recently read a soulmate-universe story where different pairs of people have different indicators for their soulmate so LETS GO WITH THAT cuz i rly like it
  • michael grows up in an interesting household for soulmates. she knows that sarek and amanda were colorblind before they met each other, and that the whole world burst into color the first time they locked eyes. spock gets hurt when he isn’t doing anything, and healers tell him that it’s because he can feel his soulmate’s pain. sybok has a mysterious tattoo in vulcan script that michael may have been able to read had sybok not burned most of it off before her adoption
  • all she knows is that she has no indication of having a soulmate. and she prefers it that way. it’s infinitely more practical than forever wanting to search the galaxy for some idea of a person
  • this practicality turns to something darker after her mutiny, tinged with a lot of survival’s guilt, and she’s fiercely glad that she doesn’t have a soulmate
  • but then she gets drafted to the discovery
  • she notices the first tattoo her very first day. in small, clinical handwriting, it appears on the inside of her left wrist, saying scary
  • competent appears shortly after beneath it. michael hates it. she doesn’t want to have a soulmate
  • kind appears after she gives tilly her book. she doesn’t think about it. she can’t think about it
  • the next word is lovely. she absolutely does not think about that
  • they rescue lorca from imprisonment, and on her right wrist, in a distinctly different bold blocky writing appears, interesting
  • then, human
  • michael isn’t an idiot. she can match her left wrist with her experiences with tilly and her right wrist with her experiences with ash. she knows that the only thing worse than having a soulmate is having two. amanda says she’s lucky. spock understands, his eyebrows rising in sharp sympathy across lightyears of space
  • ash and tilly aren’t idiots either. they know. they both do. but none of them say anything
  • on michael’s left wrist is the word devastating. on her right wrist is the word heartbreaking. she always wears long sleeves
  • years after the war, after everything, michael looks at the horrible and beautiful words crawling down her arms and thinks that maybe she’s worthy of love after all. she looks at tilly and ash and doesn’t feel complete and utter dread. she says, “i have something to tell you about.”
  • they look at her, gazes measured but wary, ready for her to break their hearts again, and again, and again
  • she takes a deep breath and says, “we call it t’hy’la.”

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@narramin this is the most ominous reply ive ever gotten………t,hank you,.,,

one of my woes with Disco is that they put such a huge emphasis on Saru being an innocent, fearful Prey™, one to sense danger 24/7, but his eyes face forward! Predators(HUMANS) need the greater binocular vision for hunting… so biologically his eyes should face to the sides for greater peripheral vision to sense danger..

so, realistically, he should rather look something like this:

so he isn’t a prey you fools… he’s an apex predator

@narramin this is the most ominous reply ive e…

@narramin this is the most ominous reply ive ever gotten………t,hank you,.,,

Plot premise: Tilly has a baby?

Plot premise: Tilly has a baby?

  • did someone say KID FIC?
  • so tilly had a daughter back during her academy days, and the father was super excited about raising a kid while tilly was hyper-focused on her studies and getting the career she wanted, so he gets full custody
  • every time they have shore leave on earth, tilly will see her. she and the father have a tight friendship, and he gives regular updates on the baby’s progress
  • tilly doesn’t necessarily advertise her motherhood, but it’s not really a secret either
  • anyway one shore leave happens to be on vulcan, and michael invites her posse (ash and tilly) to visit home with her
  • the father calls tilly in a panic saying that he has to be on vulcan for a work conference for a week, and he heard that tilly’s gonna be there for a week, and can she please watch their daughter (who’s, like, four at the time) during the day while he’s doing work things
  • tilly of course says yes and then has to explain to michael and ash the whole situation
  • it’s a good week. everyone is totally charmed by this little girl with gigantic hair and a million questions (”you can’t play in the desert for too long.” “why?” “because you’ll overheat and get sick.” “why?” “because humans aren’t built for this climate.” “why?” “because our home is earth and not vulcan.” “why?” ect.)
  • tilly ends up being more like an aunt than a mother to her own daughter, but tbh everyone is pretty fine with that situation. tilly’s lifestyle is dangerous and it would be reckless of her to demand more custody. but she still loves her and loves all the time she gets to spend with her and brings her really cool things from all the planets she visits

i believe in you! you can do 11 hc prompts in …

i believe in you! you can do 11 hc prompts in 8 hours!

thank you, anon! i’ll absolutely try my best for you guys <3 <3 <3

premise: tilly and/or michael adopt a kitten

premise: tilly and/or michael adopt a kitten

  • tilly isn’t sure how a kitten got aboard the discovery, but when she finds one in the dark bowels of engineering, she instantly falls in love
  • this tiny black cat is a tiny menace. he was never properly socialized because he’s a tiny cat alone in space, so he assumes that everyone is game for play-fighting, especially tilly’s arms. she accepts the scratches as marks of love
  • tilly at first tries to hide this precious kitten from michael because she thinks michael will make her get rid of him
  • michael is too smart to be fooled, though. weird things are happening in their room, and she’s too aware of the weirdness of space to fully dismiss the notion that they’re haunted. but she meets the cat one day when her shift on the bridge ends early, and tilly’s taking a nap with the cat curled up on her chest. the cat wakes up and glares at michael, and michael pretends she also does not fall in love instantly
  • once tilly wakes up from her nap and they move past the fact that no, michael is not going to make her get rid of him, tilly casually mentions that she hasn’t given him a name yet
  • they name him constellation because he loves to swat at the stars at the window and it’s absolutely adorable
  • michael and constellation have a slow burn sort of relationship. constellation is wary at first because he imprinted on tilly first and is very protective. michael is also wary because how did a kitten get on their ship? spock found a cat on the enterprise and it was some sort of elaborate scheme by higher beings, so she’s understandably concerned
  • they work out their issues when tilly goes on shore leave and they’re left alone together. they spend the first day suspiciously sneaking glares at each other from opposite sides of the room, but by the time michael goes to sleep, constellation gets lonely and sneaks his way to covertly cuddle with michael. michael wakes up from her nightmares and doesn’t have tilly’s snoring to keep her grounded, but she does have a very soft cat to gently pet. they emerge from the experience as family
  • when lorca inevitably finds out about constellation, he makes a big deal of pretending that seeing the cat was just a trick of his fucked-up eyesight. it’s science. totally supported by his medical records. constellation stays