Author: Do we need a mutiny today to prove who we are?


Starfleet’s coolest honorary Vulcan


Sarek @ his kids: If you need anything at all…too bad. Deal with your problems yourselves, like adults.

Sarek: Not you, Michael. Feel free to talk to me anytime, about anything. I love you.

spock is like yes i hate michael yes she is my best friend in the entire galaxy do you have a problem with that


Ash:     Hold up!
Spock: Ready room, please.

Michael: Glad to see you’re alright.
Ash:       Are you?

Spock:              I sense that I am intruding on a moment of intimacy.
Michael & Ash:

Bonus: full shoulder bump


just remembered elnor. maybe i will watch picard

*thinks about how ash tyler is the only character in season 2 who provided space for michael to be emotionally vulnerable*


Michael and Ash in Star Trek: Discovery
2.10 – “The Red Angel”

god u ever just remember how painful michael and spock’s relationship is


#this is a fucking#renaissance painting#tillys face#ash not looking at the camera coming to the slow realization that he asked a VULCAN FOR A HANDSHAKE WHY NOT PROPOSE RIGHT HERE#Michael being like ‘that is a hand’#‘i should probably shake it and accept his overtures of friendhsip#but also#‘oh no hes hot and cute rip me’#Tillys fucking face#ASHER NO#that stupid green smoothie#‘The Beginning of A Complicated Friendship"#2018 in oils