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jadzia’s space tinder just says “6’0” and that’s it


Fantasy/scifi writers creating goblin or dwarf creatures/aliens

anyway garakworf real

kinda sucks that people only started shipping mylvia for real after season 2 where tilly repeatedly demonstrated that she only cares about michael up to the point of what she can do for tilly :/


1.04 Absolute Candor (2020)


I gotta say, I love that Discovery’s first season is one of the first (THAT I’VE SEEN) that really emphasized that utopia is something you have to WORK AT FOREVER.

Like utopia didn’t just happen, guys. I know it’s nice to skip over the part where they had to make it happen (which is what Enterprise was gonna try to show) and go right to the bit where everything is perfect, now and everyone else gets to be the ones with the problems and all.

But EVEN IN THE ORIGINAL SERIES, things weren’t perfect. Spock faced racism that had to be addressed. Kirk’s background is that he was on a planet that almost starved and had a leader who decided genocide and eugenics was a good solution. 

Utopia is like a marriage. Happily ever after takes work. Constantly. Every day. Some days might be harder than others. Some weeks, months, YEARS might be harder than others, but if you want it to really work, you have to put in some work of your own.

Discovery went hard on that message. Starfleet is not some perfect utopia becomes they just waved a magic wand or stumbled into it. It’s not an accident. They have to keep CHOOSING every day to abide by their own rules and values. Even when it’s hard. Even when there’s an easier way through the obstacle than doing the right thing. Even if it’s painful. Starfleet and the Federation are considered a utopia because they put in the work to make it so. Which doesn’t mean they’re infallible or incapable of making mistakes or having darkness in their souls. They could EASILY become their Mirror counterparts. But they refuse to let fear and paranoia rule them and that’s why they’re a utopia.

Discovery wanted to show us all that even though it feels like we’re all on the road toward being the Mirror universe right now, that it’s never too late to change course and work on being the Prime universe. We just have to be willing to do the right thing instead of the easy thing.


You’re blinded by your emotions.

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I thought this planet was uninhabited.