Author: Do we need a mutiny today to prove who we are?


I love how I was expecting Elnor to be brutally honest in a self-righteous way but instead he’s like “:0 ! You’re lying!!!!! Wow!! Can I try?” And everyone is like “No.”

not to be That Guy but where are the gay people in picard


MICHAEL BURNHAM in Star Trek: Discovery, Season 1


First official promo image for Star Trek: Discovery season 3!


Star Trek: Discovery

from the season 3 NYCC trailer



still there

[Picture ID: a sketch of Michael Burnham from the chest up. She is wearing her prison uniform and short curly hair. She is gazing up with a faint smile, and her eyes are full of hope. The background and uniform are orange. Her face, hair and insignia are painted in grey. A cluster of stylized stars surround her head.]


A new home.

garakworf nation now is our time


Michael Burnham (Star Trek: Discovery S01E01 “The Vulcan Hello”) & Spock (Star Trek 2009)