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Imagine the crew doing a secret santa and Bones is grumbling under his breath about getting Spock instead of Scotty because he knows what to get Scotty, but Spock is going to be impossible. It takes him a few minutes to realize Jim isn’t teasing him about it and he looks over only to see Jim’s very concerned face. 

“What’s wrong?”

“I have no idea what to get this person. I know what I’d want to get them, but I doubt they’d want it.”

Bones just cocks and eyebrow at Jim and rolls his eyes. “Jim, anything you give someone is going to be so genuinely thoughtful that they won’t care if they already have ten of them. Just go with what feels right. Now, help me figure out what you get an elf for christmas.” 

Jim snorts at the insult, but doesn’t bring up his secret santa until christmas day. 

To say the least, Bones is surprised by the passionate kiss Jim lands on him right in front of everyone. Jim just grins when Bones, a little breathless and fighting back a smile says, “See. I told you you’d do fine.” 


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The Good Kirk

To be honest, being in isolation with Spock would be easier for me than being stuck with Jim. I’m an introvert by nature and Jim is a lot more tactile than I like

Pros of being in quarantine with Spock: Actual silence for as long as you want, good at “parallel play,” occasional philosophical discussions

Cons: Not so great if you have any emotions about your situation

Pros of being in quarantine with Jim: Actual hugs when you’re down, so much talking you can’t even think about being sad, very sweet and conversant in a range of subjects, will physically fight a virus so it doesn’t hurt you

Cons: WILL YOU SHUT UP FOR 30 SECONDS and you can’t punch a virus. No, not even with both fists clasped together.

Pros of being in quarantine with Bones: Actual booze, takes care of you, cured the virus 30 minutes ago 

Cons: Tests vaccine on himself suddenly and without warning






The two-week self-quarantine ends today, and Spouse and I will at last be able to leave the apartment and go for a WALK! OUTSIDE! after working hours and I suddenly know exactly what it feels like to be inside the mind of a Golden Retriever

I read “Spock and I” and was confused for a moment.

I can’t decide if Spock would be the very best or worst person to be quarantined with…

Would Vulcans even notice? They live and breathe social distancing already.

Spock would act just as he normally do and after two weeks you would be like “Great, the quarantine has ended!” and Spock would say “Quarantine???”.

Spock: Ah, the humans are finally practicing appropriate social behaviour regarding personal space. Ideal.

Bones: *two weeks later* Well, congratulations everyone, you can touch again! The quarantine is finally over!

Spock: The WHAT






It really messes with my head that TOS!Bones is the smallest, but AOS!Bones is the brawniest.

A friend and I have this running joke about this, and basically that he’s more grumpy in TOS because he’s body is too smol for his spirit so he’s almost constantly bursting at the seams with Fight Me! and Attitude, while in AOS, his body is too big for his smol spirit, and that’s he’s more in the background of things/more anxious/tightly wound.

@trekkele thank you for translating. This is what I meant. In TOS he’s outside is smol which makes the Fight Me hard to contain, whereas in AOS he’s smol on the inside and so he just sort nervously bounces around in his own body. There’s still a lot of Fight Me there, it’s just not as frequently stirred up.

Which kind of brings me to your headcanon about Jim being shorted than most people really notice at first.

I have this thought that most people don’t really realize that Bones actually is that tall, because he tends to make himself seem smaller in a similar way of Jim making himself seem bigger.

yes this exactly! Though I don’t think in AOS he has a smol spirit, he’s just more… broken. TOS Mccoy has had more time to recover from the divorce that  AOS Mccoy just hasn’t. Also I think AOS Jocelyn is more vindictive.

I definitely agree with you about Jocelyn in AOS, I have a WIP (that will get finished one day!) Where it comes out that she was straight up abusive toward him.

I think there’s a huge contrast between the two in the times that we get to see them as well, because you’re right, it’s been longer for TOS Bones, he’s had more time to recover, and I think a lot of his gumption isn’t from his heartbreak, I think it’s just genuinely his personality.

But with AOS Bones, there’s still a lot he’s recovering from, so he hasn’t quite come back to himself yet. He’s still healing, and in some ways still in pain. So he doesn’t have that same gumption as his TOS counterpart, not because it’s not natural to him, but because he’s lost that part of himself.


“It was really fun to see Anson putting this on for the first time. At our first fitting, he was really excited. We were excited.”
Star Trek: Discovery costume designer Gersha Phillips on reimagining the Starfleet costumes of Star Trek: The Original Series after the Enterprise was introduced in the Season 1 finale (ST:D Season 2 DVD extra features)

Phillips: “I think what we ended up doing was really great because we already had a collar that was asymmetrical, and it had V in it and it had kind of a nod back to The Original Series when you put the new colors in with it. So, I think the combination of the two things were really great and worked really well.

Originally because we didn’t know who our Pike was going to be, we did do two golds that we had. We had one that was a little darker gold and so we tested on Anson when he was cast and we went with the brighter gold, which I love, and he looks great in it. With our compression panels, we tried the metallics as well first and it just didn’t look very good, so we did the self-color compression panels on the side. Those are the puff lines on the side that we got printed here.” ( interview, June 9 2019)


Star Trek: The Animated Series (1973), “Beyond The Farthest Star”






Data learns sign language.

Any chance an ASL-speaking follower could double check that translation?

lol people forget that ASL isn’t the only sign language! In fact, in this episode Data is speaking a signed con-lang, sign language from a planet called Solais V. It’s pretty cool actually because this episode addresses the fact that the universal translator is limited and can’t translate sign languages, which is why Data has to learn it in the first place. 

I always thought it weird that standard wasn’t a sign language. Considering that most species have hands but probably very different speech organs it would much more sense to create a visual language

Re, your tags: accents do exist in sign language! Which is very cool imo. 


reading fic is such an escape from this apocalyptic hellscape thank you to all the content creators and artists out there, yall deserve the world.  like even thirty minutes sunken into a story is the best escape