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We’re all wondering how the fuck Steve survived but like

judging from his face he doesn’t know either lmao

letstrekintospace: Why did I waste 2 hours of …


Why did I waste 2 hours of my life making this video? Because I can. BEHOLD.



First official images from Wonder Woman 1984

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Gal Gadot & Chris Pine
on set of Wonder Woman 1984, Washington DC on June 13, 2018.

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star trek tos – Interior locations



Can you even imagine being the poor alien sod responsible for auditing an earthling spaceship’s spending allowance? Like: 

“I see, and why do you require many tubes of white plant flavoured paste?” 

“Oh well, if we don’t rub that on our teeth twice daily the bacteria living in my mouth will begin to devour me teeth.” 


“I have also noticed several large shipments of specific medications, and a variety of individually packaged absorbent material – however injury records do not show sufficient numbers to justify these recurrent deliveries.” 

“Ah, yeah, it’s not really an injury per say. As part of our natural reproductive cycle approximately half the population will shed the lining of one of their internal organs and expel it.”

“…that is the most horrifying thing that I have ever heard.”


“Does such a process not hurt?”

“That’l be what the medication’s for. Pain killers for the cramps, birth control to stop the process.” 

“…and your reasoning behind the fully functional, high-tech entertainment system?” 

“Okay, that we could probably do without. But in our defence that was actually insisted on as a standard feature of all fleet-ships expected to encounter Terrans. Admiral Plo’Kaght insisted on it. Something about bored humans and a an illegal betting ring featuring a cleaning robot with a knife strapped to it going up against a human with a mop?” 

“…I believe I should speak with my superiors.” 



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Bones you have to think these things through



aos star trek is seriously lacking the color fuchsia 

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Jeffrey Hunter as Captain Christopher Pike.

Mid-20th century sci fi was convinced that the future of fashion was shimmery, reflective clothing.