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How do we explain all the other weird foot stuff in all the other treks?


I regret the 5 minutes I spent researching this, but the episode where Julian talks about his foot fetish (Armageddon Game) had 3 writers: Morgan Gendel, Ira Steven Behr, and James Crocker. Of those men only one was involved in the initial development of the series, so like… I’m not saying it’s Behr but I am saying it’s not Gendel or Crocker, if you catch my drift.


@bajoran asking the real question


which fucking writer


Dude tries to make Riker jealous but Riker is just like “I only care about Deanna’s happiness, asshole”.

I talked about this scene and why I like it and what it says about Troi’s and Riker’s relationship in this post.


The only thing I find disappointing about the Star Trek fandom is that to my knowledge NOBODY has ever even tried to pull of the “this new culture we’ve found says captains and first officers must be married so whichever series’ respective captain and first officer have to pretend to be fake married au” because that honestly has so much potential.



A thought I had while driving to work today: do you think Trill languages have three different personal pronouns that get collapsed into the one English one by the universal translator?

As in “I [symbiont] have had X hosts,” “I [host] had a horrible time going through the initiate program before I was joined,” and “I [gestalt entity] think you’re being a real jerk, Benjamin.”

Would this be considered clusivity? I’ve heard the term “clusivity” regarding languages with different terms for we-and-not-you vs we-including-you and this seems like a similar concept? Like, there’s an inclusive “I” meaning the joined Trill, and two different exclusive “I"s meaning either host-and-not-symbiont or symbiont-and-not-host? Is there a precedent for academic terms to differentiate the two exclusive first person pronouns?


RE: doctors. This convo seems a lot more significant when you find out about what kinda doctors Julian experienced




Can you lock on to the signal? Yes, but how do we get to them?


2254 vs 2266