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how to know if tumblr has been eating your asks: send yourself anywhere between 5-10 asks, ( anon or not ) but have each ask be nothing but an order in which you sent them.

i.e: the first ask says ‘1′, the second says ‘2′, etc etc.

i sent myself ten of these, both on anon and not. This was all i received back:


Tumblr is now eating asks along with notifications. We must be more interactive than ever if we want keep this form of entertainment we call the rpc. Go ahead and warn your friends or test this for yourselves.. This post is reblogable.

I just sent myself five of these. none of them came through.

I just did this myself last night and out of the ten ask I sent myself only one came through.

Please know if I’m not responding to you, your ask, or your messages, I am not willingly ignoring you. I am however doing my best to try and stay in contact with everyone.

okay welp i just tried it and only the last one came through so if i ignore your ask: 

1. it didn’t go through (message me or send it again)  

2. i’m a lazy bitch and i’ll get to it eventually

Guys I’m never wilfully ignoring you! Please let me know if this seems like it’s happening 

Nice, gasoline on this dumpster fire of a website, that’s what we needed

Hahaha sent five, nothing back, and this explains why I never get Zelbear’s asks…

If I’ve missed your ask, sorry!

Well, this explains a lot.

Boosting! This is current as of June 18, 2018.

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Like if Christopher Pike was around, can you imagine the shit he has to deal with from the brass? Like every two days or so he’ll have someone bursting through his office door going “TF ARE YOUR KIDS DOING, PIKE” and at one point he’ll probably go “Hell if I know so long as no one’s dead”

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Montgomery Scott + Scottish Twitter


This is everything I needed this morning. 













i will never be over the fact that during first contact a human offered their hand to a vulcan and the vulcan was just like “wow humans are fucking wild” and took it

Humanity’s first contact with Vulcans was some guy going “I’m down to fuck.”

Vulcans’ first contact with Humans was an emphatic “Sure.”


#iiiiiiiiiiiiii mean vulcans had been watching humans for a long time#they knew the significance of a handshake but still#they had to find some fast and loose ambassador#willing to fuckin make out with a human for the sake of not offending them on first contact#lmao#star trek

give me the story of this fast and loose vulcan

“sir…these…these humans…they greet each other by…” *glances around before furtively whispering* “by clasping hands…”

*prolonged silence* “oh my…”

“sir…sir how will we make first contact with them? surely we…we cannot refuse this handclasping ritual, they will take it as an insult, but what vulcan would agree to such a distasteful and uncomfortable ritual??”

*several pensive moments later* “contact the vulcan high command and tell them to send us kuvak. i once saw that crazy son of a bitch arm wrestle a klingon, he’ll put his hands on anything”

Elsewhere, w/ kuvak: “….my day has come.”

The vulcan who made first contact with humans is named Solkar guys. Y’all just be makin’ up names for characters that already have names.

Bonus: here’s a screencap of Solkar doing the “my body is ready” pose right before he shakes Zefram Cochrane’s hand:


I swear Vulcans only come in two types and they are “distant xenophobes” or “horny on main for humanity”. Also apparently this guy is Spock’s great-grandfather and frankly that explains everything.

Hey so I looked into this at one point and that handshake literally created a lifelong telepathic bond between the two of them, and basically all of Solkar’s descendants were later obsessed with humans, including freaking SPOCK, so I’m not saying that handshake was so gay and good that it created an intergenerational telepathic bond between Solkar’s descendants and humans, but I’m also not….not….saying that.

actual footage of first contact makeouts

Bringing back to that one post that called “House of Sarek” the “Everytime I Touch a Human, I accidentally bond with them” house. 





i love chekov but he is a little ridiculous


so i was watching Star Trek IV: The One With The Whales with my husband who is not a trekkie and has never seen it before, nor knew what was going on. here’s a few things that happened:

– “why is he wearing a bath robe”

– “how can whales fly spaceships??” “they’re not whales, they’re aliens that can communicate with whales” “why do they want to talk to whales???”

– he knows i ship spirk and he kept asking why kirk and spock were “having marital problems” because spock kept calling him admiral instead of jim

– “why is he so grumpy” – about bones

– i teased him because he was in the navy and chekov very nearly got away from the navy guys from the heart of their ship with relative ease. he pushed me off the couch

– “how did he get that helicopter so easily?? what the fuck??”

– “they just demoted kirk and now everyone’s clapping for him?? i don’t understand” “babe did you even watch the movie? he just saved the planet” “then why did he get demoted??”

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Star Trek: The Next Generation “The Child” S2E01

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Things Odo should have done in DS9.

Don’t take this too seriously. It’s just a bit of fun!

@bad-startrek-aus indulge yourself.