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7 Original Series (1966-1969) covers from the set of 35 TV Guide covers (2002) commemorating 35 years of Star Trek



I think the most stupid thing with how they introduced Alexander what that they killed K’Ehleyr. 

Just have her go missions for long periods of time instead, that are either dangerous or uncomfortable, so Worf have to care for his son. That way she can pop out and take back Alexander whenever. 

He isn’t around? Oh he’s with his mom for two months now. Oh they want an Alexander storyline? Yeah he’s here for 3 weeks while K’Ehleyr goes to make peace between the Zc and the Ughoblanches. 

That way Worf didn’t suddenly get tired of being a dad and sent Alexander back to Earth when the writers didn’t know what to do with Alexander anymore. He just went back to living with his mom most of the time and Worf sees him off screen.

When Worf transfers to Ds9 Alexander could also live with him there for extended periods of time or just show up now and then. And we could get K’Ehleyr as a guest star! 

She and Jadzia would have been an unstoppable force if they teamed up in everyone of Worf’s Klingon adventures.




You’re right and you should say it.


kai winn vs gul dukat


I’m tired of women’s moral ambiguity being interpreted as evil and men’s evil being interpreted as moral ambiguity.

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it really fucks me up in a really specific way that’s hard to articulate that that TOS episode where they’re on 1920s gangster planet was made in the 60s which means that the 1920s were more recent to the making of the episode than the making of the episode is to now



[I think the genuine love and mutual support between Nog and Rom make their relationship one of the best parts of the series.]



tag yourself are you the vulcan first officer, the “emotional” human captain, or the grumpy voice of reason who has a crush on them both

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I was expecting a red thing. Where’s my damn red thing?

                                                                      Discovery S2 & Red

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Deep Space Nine 2×16, “Shadow Play”

I just cannot get over what a beautiful job Avery Brooks and Cirroc Lofton do playing father and son on DS9. The deep love and mutual respect that glows between them makes me so happy, and I appreciate that the show takes the time to develop their relationship instead of just skipping straight to action scenes and expecting us to accept that they’re a loving father-and-son duo without ever proving it to us.

It means a lot to see a dad who never responds “because I said so, that’s why” when Jake asks him a question; a dad who cultivates a relationship with his son based on their mutual love of things like baseball while also encouraging Jake to be his own person.

Also, I hope this scene helped parents watching it learn what being a supportive parent looks like. Ideally, parents wouldn’t make any assumptions about what their kids will grow to be, because it’s clear that Jake feels pressured to join Starfleet. But even though Sisko made the mistake of assuming Jake would want to be in Starfleet too, when he realizes his mistake he recovers quickly. He’s quick to reassure his son that all he wants is for Jake to find his passion and do it well. He doesn’t protest that “surely you’ll change your mind, Jake,” or say he’s hurt by Jake’s comment that Star Fleet is “too much like you.” Instead, he is proud of Jake for saying he wants to “find what’s me.” He doesn’t expect his son to be a perfect little clone of him whom he can mold to fit his own desires – he is proud of Jake for striving to be his own person.

It’s just. pretty cool.



yeah yeah picard whatever, where’s my travis mayweather spinoff