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Bones’ flirting needs a lot of work

(so does Jim’s)

i would say ‘i’m dying’ but then bones would chase me down with a hypo and a lecture about ridiculous slang

Jim: Yeah, well, you can’t spell…um….uh…….hang on………

Bones: You can’t spell for shit because your proclivity for severe head trauma has wreaked havoc on the language centers in your brain.

Jim: Mean. 🙁

Bones: Can’t spell mean without “me,” kid.

Can’t spell “Bones” without owns…

Oh, wait

neck of gold & heart of stars was good actually


Act One

Bones: I am a sad man and I’m going to stay sad forever.

Jim: LOL nope

Act Two

Jim: I just remembered that I am also a sad man. Maybe I will be sad forever.

Bones: LOL nope

Act Three

Enemy: I’m going to make both of you, and the whole universe, sad forever!

Jim and Bones: LOL NOPE


Ludovic de Saint Sernin runway photo source: @money-in-veins


What did Spock say to the material that emitted light when exposed to radiation?

Live Long and Phosphor.

Kirk: What do starships captains do?
Bones: Attract trouble?


he is so soft


Shoutout to all the people who work tirelessly to keep their fandoms going, even after canon has ended. Kudos to the mods who organize rewatches, fic challenges, and other fandom events. High fives to the people who keep posting new art, fic, meta, and headcanons. A collective pat on the back for the people who like, reblog, and comment on the new fanworks and remember the older works as well.

If you’re on Tumblr reading this, chances are good that you fall into one of these categories. So shoutout to YOU, and to all of us.


My job is to preserve as many lives as possible, at any cost. But what you said at the service…