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Bones (about Jim): hey i lost my friend can i make an announcement?

Store clerk: sure

Bones: *leans into the mic* goodbye you little shit


Last night I lost the world, and gained the universe. – C. JoyBell C.



I wrote a fic kinda like this, but I want to hear your takes on it, so…

Headcanon discussion: Len is pissed that he went from his big house and nice things in Georgia to a small apartment in San Francisco. A bedroom, a bathroom, a kitchen, and a small sitting area. That’s what his life has been reduced to.

Jim is just thankful beyond words that he has a bed.

as someone who’s moved so much they have downsizing, expanding, and shuffling things around a new roommate down to a science (holy shit this got out of hand):

-if bones moves in first, it’s not until jim arrives that he realizes how much space all his stuff takes up. (and it’s not until he asks what space jim needs that he realizes how little jim has.) if jim moves first, it takes bones even longer to realize this, because even after downsizing he still has so much STUFF and he has to haul it all in and unpack it and he’s grumbling the entire time and it’s not until he opens the cupboard one day and sees jim’s only got the one set of dishes that he understands just how little the kid’s got.

-jim ends up getting a lot of things from bones secondhand. his pillow sucks and he can’t sleep properly? here, kid, i’ve got a couple extras. have this blanket too, i’m overheating in this godforsaken city. forgot to do laundry? here, you can borrow this shirt, it should fit. i need to get rid of some books, kid, you want any before i donate them? jim doesn’t even have to ask about using bone’s kitchen stuff, although he does for a long time. in the end, bones one day walks into jim’s room and realizes both how little there is in the space, and how much of it was once his. but at the same time, he’s never seen jim so comfortable in a space. it warms his heart to know he was able to do this for him, to help him turn a place that was made with mere survival in mind into a home.

-jim sometimes feels bad that he has so much of bones’s stuff, but every time he tries to give something back he’s met with an impassable wall of that sweet, southern, almost passive-aggressive charity. bones refuses to take anything back, both because he knows jim needs it and because he doesn’t want to clutter up his room any more than it already is.

-despite all the bitter memories, bones has trinkets and heirlooms all over the apartment. it just feels wrong to him to not have them. jim sometimes gets their stories out of him when they’re drunk.

-jim knows he’s not got a lot of stuff, but the sheer amount of cleaning supplies bones brings in actually catches him off guard. then again, the man is a doctor, so he knows better than anyone probably the risks of an unclean house. jim’s not gonna complain about being told for the thousandth to clean the damn counter after he cooks if it means he’s less likely to get sick.

-jim absolutely maximizes floorspace in his room, and there’s a clear path from the door and bed to the window. bones tells him to close it more often, especially as the weather gets colder, but jim has his reasons for keeping it open. mostly involving sam, and frank, and tarsus, and even his mom, somewhat. regardless, he’s not closing it, and bones learns to let it be unless the kid’s managed to contract pneumonia or something.

-at first, bones has to practically lure the kid out of his room. it’s like jim is scared to exist in the space full of bones’s stuff, like he doesn’t want to impose himself on his friend even though they share the damn apartment. later, bones learns that that’s exactly what it is.

-later, when they move into a slightly bigger apartment, jim teaches bones how to properly downsize. they still end up getting a little storage unit nearby, because bones still has that much stuff, but it’s better. and this time, jim takes up a bit more shelf space, and when they’re finally all settled in he flops himself down on the couch and plunks his feet on an old throw pillow of bones’s without a care in the world and the triumph bones feels in that moment is from a bit more than just a successful move.


On the bottom bunk, Bones can just see movement from above. The shadows disturbed by a leg carefully lowered down the side of the top bed. 

“Nope.” Bones mutters, throwing an arm over his face. “Too early.”

Jim’s voice is raspy with brushed off sleep, that leg still dangling over the edge. “How’d you know?” 

Bones snorts in response. “Just come here.”

He scoots over just a bit, pressed up against the cabin wall. The bunk smells like fabric softener and rain. A wet breeze stirs the short hairs on the back of his neck as Jim hops down and slides in next to him, a wince held tight on his face. 

“What I miss?” Bones asks. 

“Nothing.” Jim’s too quick to respond. Jim who comes and tells Bones of every paper cut, stubbed toe and headache but once, after an away mission that put their youngest ensign in a coma, hid a scrape on his side for a week until Chapel caught him popping pain killers like candy in the medbay supply room when he ran out of his own allotment, eyes feverish from infection. 

“Bullshit.” Bones reaches out and runs a hand down Jim’s arm, brow furrowing in the dark at the grey tee just damp with sweat. 

“Bones, seriously, I’m fine.” Jim coughs into his shoulder and eases down into the bed. “I’m sorry for waking you up.”

Bones won’t lose his grip on Jim’s sleeve. “No, you’re not. Where were you going?”

“For a walk.”

“At 3 in the morning?”

“It’s 4.” Jim yawns.


“Can we just go to sleep?”

Bones sits up, careful to duck his head so as not to hit the bunk above. “Get up.”

Jim sighs. “Come on.”

“Get your ass up, you infant, or I will drag you myself.”

Jim’s still for a second and Bones can see him deliberating. He knows how this ends. Bones has been manhandling him into doctor’s appointments since the Academy and he knows his husband well enough to tell when something needs extra care and attention. 

Finally, slowly, Jim sits up, head just touching the planks of the bunk above. He works his out of the bed with some difficulty and Bones eyebrows draw together so tightly he can feel a headache forming. 

Finally, Bones eases out of the bed and turns on the electric lights. Their rustic getaway seems foolish now, the dreams of a couple who can afford a low-tech vacation. But Bones wishes for a transporter pad and easy access to his medbay. 


Jim shifts uneasily from his seat on the worn chair in the cabin’s main room. 

“I don’t know.”

Bones stares at him, unblinking for what feels like minutes rather than second until Jim looks away, toward the shadowy kitchen area and deck of the cabin. 

“I don’t.” Jim frowns, his facial expression mirroring what must be on Bones face. “I just haven’t felt right since…since Aurora.”

Aurora. The impetus for this vacation. When Bones and his med team were taken hostage for three days and Jim gave himself up to pirates so that the injured security officer and young nurse could leave. 

Bones was furious. He was furious at Jim for not thinking of a plan to get them all out, furious that the pirates hadn’t had access to medical supplies and had taken them in the first place, furious that Jim would sacrifice himself again and again. How many times do we have to do this? How many times do I think I’ll see you for the last time? Bones had screamed at him in their quarters, hands shaking, legs weak, dehydrated and sick. Jim had slunk off and worked three shifts straight while M’Benga forced Bones to rest in their quarters. It  was Spock who had bodily forced Jim back home,  who had stood between them and without words basically forced them to get their shit together. 

They’d collapsed together without a word, sleeping for a whole day as the ship whirled around them. The idea of the cabin sprung to Bones in a moment of half-sleep, Jim curled into him, the lights at 30%, a feeling of contentment hard earned settling over his thoughts. 

And so here they were, a week and a half past Aurora and the ordeal diluted from their conversations like blood in water. 

“What is it?” Bones asks finally. 

“That’s the thing. There’s nothing. No scrape, cut, bruise. I’m…I’m fine.” Jim rubs his palms into his eyes as if he can clear his vision and find the answer. “I just hurt.”

Bones takes out his tri-corder and slowly, with gentle ministrations, combs over every inch of his husband’s body. 

He rocks back on his heels, his knees popping as he stands. “Nothing.”

“I told you.”

“Nothing physical. Jim…”


“We need to talk about Aurora.”

“No we don’t. You said your peace. I get it, Bones but I can’t stop doing my job.”

“You have a crew to worry about Jim. That’s your job. You can’t just up and sacrifice yourself any time you feel like it. Even if–.”

“Even if it’s for you?”

Bones blows out his breath. “Yes.”

Jim stand up, wince on full display and gets close to Bones. “And you wouldn’t do the same thing? You have done the same thing! You played God, you said it yourself. You brought me back, you risked your life, your job, hell, your soul. And I’m not allowed to do the same?”

“I need you more than you need me. I need you alive. I can’t. I can’t go through that again.”

“Well, fuck you Leonard McCoy because I can’t lose you either. You selfish asshole.”

“Me? Selfish? You, who threw yourself in front of that blast last month not thinking that a whole ship full of people need you, look up to you.”

“And if you weren’t there to put everyone back together, to make sure they’re safe, what would happen to the ship then?”

Jim deflates before Bones can respond, forehead resting on Bones chest in near supplication. “I’m sorry.”

Bones laughs or chokes on a sob. The sounds are the same that early in the morning. “Me too, darlin’.”

“Let’s just agree that we can’t lose each other okay?”


“We’re both selfish assholes.”


“I love you more, though.”

Bones lifts Jim’s head and kisses him gently. “No you don’t.”

The groan turns into something sweet as the kiss deepens and they move slowly back to the bedroom, eschewing sleep for something else entirely. 


Boring, realistic explanation: Male characters in Star Trek: The Original Series are wearing visible eyeshadow in some shots because 1966 was right in the middle of the transition from black-and-white to colour television in America, and TV makeup artists were still adjusting to the fact that stage makeup is easier to see in colour broadcasts.

The truth we know in our hearts: Male characters in Star Trek: The Original Series sometimes wear eyeshadow because the future is fabulous.

hello is it true that De Kelley ate a candy bar every night

“James Doohan told a story about how grateful Deforest Kelley was for the smallest kindnesses. Doohan overheard Kelley saying he liked to have a candy bar each night before bedtime. So Mr. Doohan went to Costco and bought the biggest box of candy bars he could find. He then went to Deforest Kelley’s home, put the box of candy on the doormat, rang the doorbell and ran! When Kelley found out who did it, he couldn’t believe anyone would do something so nice. Doohan said Mr. Kelley was always so appreciative and was always there for him or anyone who needed someone to talk to.” – [X]

Bless you for your Quality Disco content and Burnham Defense Squad represent. 🙏🙏🙏 Thank you for all of your @DiscoCrew callouts and liveblogging, your commentary gives me life. (I love how oddly enough, one of Michael's most supportive and not Guilt Trip Ridden relationships is Mirror Georgiou whose attitude towards Michael is "I protec" and those who try to hurt her is *breaks beer bottle*)

flkjdshflkjsd thank you bro <3 i’m more than happy to provide this content

and omg YEAH dude. i gotta say i adore mirror georgiou and her and michael’s dynamic. especially because michael is constantly like “you’re a snake. i can’t trust you.” meanwhile everyone else sees through her instantly and is like “ya ur tricky or whatever but when it comes to michael, your priorities could not be any more transparent.” skdljfhkasdlkhfazd I LOVE IT

anyone any time after the events of disco s2 e14: h
spock: no i do NOT have a sister that’s INSANE and STOP ASKING.



Trust Michael to find the right way through.