Category: Alien Starship

Rannac Mothership


Travels via spatial warp powered by nucleonic reactors. Able to traverse both time and space by using a wormhole implosion formed by the destruction of solar systems. Equipped with a wing of fighters.

Pictured: The scout craft returns to the Alien mothership in Earth Orbit circa 65 Million BC

Appeared in Armageddon: The Alien Agenda #2, DC Comics


Profile: Part
of the rebellion against the Almeracian Empire. Although impressively
large it is originally much less powerful than an Almeracian Staryacht. They acquired Krenon weaponry that made them much more formidable.

Pictured: Superman and Maxima consider their opponent, sometime in the late 20th Century.

Appeared in The New Adventures of Superman, Annual 1991, DC Comics

Forge Harvester

Profile: Starship operating in a null space deep in the Delta Quadrant, preying on damaged ships trapped in that area. Built for boarding and breaching actions. Is able to navigate the field better than any trapped ship.

Pictured: A Forge Harvester arrives to strip the starship Voyager in 2376.

Appeared in the Star Trek: Elite Force One-Shot, Wildstorm Comics

Imperial Elessian Warship

Profile: Top spacecraft of the Elessian Empire, about twice the size of an Intrepid-class starship. A powerful and well armed military vessel.

Pictured: The flagship of Task Force Va-Rella fires on Voyager.

Appeared in Star Trek: Voyager, #9-11, Marvel Comics