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Usually it’s Cardassian culture that I’m wondering about. But actually this has to do with some Ferengi culture/anatomy type headcanons. 😀 Yay.

I saw someone once comment something like ‘what is the evolutionary benefit of having your eyebrows attached to your ears?’ or something very close to that. But actually I think there is one. So these are my hc’s about that and a couple other things.

It’s all because of the rain. There are a zillion words for rain on Ferenginar. It is a very wet place. Naturally Ferengi would adapt to this environment.


The blue is rain! Ferengi heads, foreheads, and brows, are a gutter/umbrella system. The rain gets collected and drips down over the back of the ears… which keeps all that water out of their eyes. Tada! No water in the eyes is a big deal.

Next–the hat. Also a rain thing.


No rain running down the back of your neck or into your collar. This is why almost every male Ferengi we see wears one of these. It’s just practical. 

Quark chooses not to wear one because he’s on an environmentally controlled station and obviously does not need it. Rom keeps wearing his even though he doesn’t need it on the station because it is a link to home, and home is where Moogie is, and Rom is a Moogie’s boy. 

The last rain related headcanon thing is just about clothing. My headcanon is that Ferengi clothing (or at least the good kind) is made from water resistant material. Otherwise everyone would be constantly wet, wearing sour smelling clothing, and it would all mildew and be gross. Icky clothing is icky and bad for business.