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i saw the original and blacked out, and when I woke up I had created this



The Borg, too, need to get new recruits from somewhere

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We should make a list of the weirdest stuff that happens in Star Trek and then add equally weird stuff that actually DIDN’T happen in Star Trek and then non-Trekkies gets to guess what is and isn’t canon. 

The crew is sent back in time and accidentally start the American civil war. They change all of history and now they have to fix it.

A character gets frisky with the same ghost that got it on with her dead grandma.

Rumpelstiltskin comes to visit.

A character is sent into a coma by a sentient plant and the only way to save them is to enter their dreams.

The ship encounters Abraham Lincoln floating in space.

A holographic train is the mind of a life-form controlling the Enterprise.

O’Brien accidentally sends an ambassador back in time, and has to bluff his way through the conference.

The Doctor turns an alien patient into a hologram and falls in love with her.

Everyone finds God in the center of the galaxy.

Worf says, “klingons do not play, ‘bouncy… woo hoo.’”

A stowaway claiming to be King Arthur forms an army on the Promenade.

Apollo makes a giant hand grab the Enterprise.

All diplomatic hope seems lost, until Archer learns the aliens love playing a game just like water polo.

Voyager gets tied to a Christmas tree.

For Quark, the punishment of accidentally killing a klingon is having to marry his wife.

Leonardo da Vinci helps Janeway escape some pirates.

Spock spends a whole scene teaching a kid how to tie shoes.

Tilly gets embarrassed when her parents throw a birthday party on the Bridge.

Half the regular cast gets turned into children.

Shran and Soval change bodies, and spend the episode spying as they try increasingly crazy methods of going unnoticed.

Tom Paris screams, “pepperoni!” just before he dies.

Kirk and McCoy have a dance-off to save Spock.

Saru walks around giving people blueberries.

Q makes everyone have to sing when they talk.

To save the ship, Chakotay makes the spirit guides for the whole crew become visible.

The Enterprise goes to a planet where everything is great, except waking on the grass is a death penalty offense.

Deep Space Nine shrank to the size of, “a somewhat large melon.”

Spot the cat turns into an iguana.

Aliens laugh at and bully Trip because his full name means, “sniffer of old feet” in their language.

Discovery harnesses the power of space mushrooms.

An entire sector of space becomes sentient, and Picard has to stop it from eating the ship, instead sending a shuttle to give it trees from a nearby planet.

A hologram The Doctor created tries to convince The Doctor he is his own creator, and that he has to blow up the ship.





Nyota Uhura fought the Duolingo Owl and won

Well, I guess Duo would be in Communications, so…













how bad would it be for the triumvirate if they had to raid your wardrobe for disguises during a stay in the 21st century?

…well, that got out of hand fast for a small sketch

They would look better than me…

here are my two cents :’)

May there be endless wardrobes for these three!

Just so much fun with this clothes thing, welcome to my

I hope this is ok I join this 😀

*shows up 15 min late with vintage cocktail dresses*

So, I just realized I wear a lot of pink and grey. Also, home is where the pants aren’t. =)

Took me awhile, but I got it finished!

this thread

*insert drawing of triumvarite all gothed up*


I’ve been so bad at posting these on Tumblr for the past few weeks! Well, here’s this week’s #DeepSpaceSunday poster for the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode “Rejoined”. Will get the others up soon!



Nichelle Nichols showing off some dance moves on the set of Star Trek: The Original Series.

Leaked pics from Lt. Uhura’s phone vol. 1😂


Yknow what I LOVE about the Star Trek fandom? It’s ANCIENT. I had a talk with a nice old lady at the old persons home that my great grandma is in and she noticed my Spock shirt and was like “oh I love that show I thought the premise was lovely” and you all know THE PREMISE is trekspeak for spirk and I was like “do you accept the premise because I do” and she looked at me with the eyes of someone who is reliving their otp moments and she said “the premise is all I wrote about, dear” and we just talked about spirk for a hella long time and I just love how age doesn’t matter in this fandom you can be ninety and still be the biggest spirk bitch ever how rad is that


Well look who just got nominated for a Hugo. <3 <3 <3 

Yay for transformative works!

Yay for feminist spaces built by fans!