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Last scene of Ash Tyler and Michael Burnham in…

Last scene of Ash Tyler and Michael Burnham in season 1. What’s your guess? Is Ash coming back?



'I met you at a convention and you’…

'I met you at a convention and you’re cosplaying Person B to my OTP and I’m cosplaying Person A' (mylvia, please! thank you <3)

“Oh, you two need a picture together.”

Sylvia turned around to look at whoever had said that, finding herself face-to-face with a really tall handsome guy dressed up as what appeared to be the Bowler Hat Guy from Meet the Robinsons.

Her gaze flicked from his bright smile to the woman standing next to him. The first thing Sylvia noticed about her was her blank expression and how goddamn beautiful she was, but then it dawned on her that she was cosplaying Ash Ketchum.

She glanced down at herself. She’d almost forgotten that she’d been cosplaying Misty. “Oh!” she exclaimed, feeling her face heat. “That’s–”

“Picture!” Bowler Hat Guy said, nudging his friend. “Come on, Michael.”

Michael offered Sylvia a vaguely apologetic look. “He’s very excited,” she said. “Would you mind indulging him?”

“Not at all! I mean, that’s sort of what this convention is all about–or–conventions in general, I guess. The community aspects of them are really why they’re so great, so of course I don’t mind!” she said, aware that she was rambling as Michael stuck out her arm, holding a pokeball in Ash Ketchum’s classic pose. Sylvia hastily posed as well, flashing a smile at Bowler Hat Guy and hoping that she wasn’t blushing too noticeably.

“Thank you,” Michael said when Bowler Hat Guy put his phone away. She had this very slight but very warm smile, as if Sylvia had actually just done her some sort of great favor. “It means a lot.”

“Oh, no problem!”

“It was lovely to meet you,” she said, sticking out her hand in all her fingerless-gloved glory.

Sylvia shook it. “You too.”

“Awesome!” Bowler Hat Guy said. “Thanks!” And with that, they walked away, and Sylvia couldn’t help but stare after them.

She sighed almost mournfully to herself before she could shake the moment off. There was absolutely no chance she’d ever see them again, probably.

She turned and walked in the opposite direction.


star trek discovery twilight au

ash tyler, texting michael: saw a tardigrade today………………effervescent.


Michael felt more out of place than she ever had before.

Under Sarek’s indifferent gaze, she’d been discontent—unsatisfied, even—but at least she had known that she’d belonged beneath the trees of Mirkwood. Although she’d jumped on the opportunity for escape, practically running for Rivendell, the beginnings of regret stirred uneasily in her gut as she very consciously avoided looking at the fellowship.

She sat several meters away from their makeshift camp, achingly aware of the differences that separated them. She was wide awake and alert, and she knew that her companions thought her strange for it. Both of her hands gripped her bow with a white-knuckled intensity that the night’s stillness did not merit.

Continuing her intent gaze into the calm woods, she showed no reaction when Ash Tyler, Captain of Gondor, settled down beside her.

“You need not keep me company, Captain,” Michael said when the silence became agitating.

“I know you could probably keep watch on your own, but I am having difficulty resting, so I thought…”

His voice was soft and unsure. It did not reflect the near-painfully strong convictions he held for Gondor, which Michael had witnessed at the Council. She watched him out of the corner of her eye, observing the harsh soldier’s posture of his shoulders and the soft downward curl of his mouth. He was, perhaps, a study in contradictions.

When Michael said nothing, Tyler turned a little bit more towards her, earnestly asking, “How much sleep do elves require?”

“Not as much as humans,” Michael replied, wry despite herself. It was as much a response to his question as a reminder that Tyler surely needed more sleep.

Tyler looked away, slightly abashed. “I do not mean to trouble you.”

Michael shifted her weight, feeling awkward. It had not been her intention to make Tyler feel unwelcome. She felt woefully unprepared for the intricacies of this seemingly easy conversation, and she longed for Sarek’s blunt manner of speaking. She twisted her harsh grip on her bow. Lamely, she said, “You do not.”

Tyler offered a hesitant smile. “Okay,” he said, sounding hesitantly pleased.

Smiles, to Michael, had always seemed to very eerily human, but the expression on Tyler’s face made her consider that humans’ little gestures were fascinating, too.

She took one hand off her bow and placed it on the ground.


ash tyler finally taking the time to recover and settling down on a planet that’s 95% ocean where he joins a quiet little fishing crew. he rests, remembers what it feels like to not be in danger all the time, finds a little bit of harmony within his own mind, and wears those rly cute fisherman overalls.

argumentative (only because you asked &lt;3): …

argumentative (only because you asked <3): I think Ash is a *hella* boring character. like, stuff happens to him which could be interesting, but he himself is so so dull. I can't muster up any feeling. any insights to change my mind?

ash tyler is such an interesting character!! he’s a security officer with a heart of gold and an unimaginable level of compassion. the first time we meet him, he’s been tortured for MONTHS and still is incredibly kind to l*rca. he is the shining bright example of someone who has suffered an unimaginable ordeal and comes out the other side softer and kinder

he is one of those characters who shoulders other people’s problems and keeps his own close to his chest for fear of hurting others. the depth of his selflessness is so great that it’s sometimes self-destructive (IE: his PTSD)

and the way he approaches his relationship with michael? he is so sweet and respectful of her boundaries, especially at first. even though he comes to expect too much from her at the end of s1, his insecurities are realistic and he clearly demonstrates a drive to grow. i honestly hope he and michael come back together both as healthier people ready to commit to a relationship

the whole klingon aspect of his identity actually has a lot of potential to really bring his character into excellence (unpopular opinion maybe?). it’s just that the showrunners have pretty much approached this storyline in the absolute least well-written way possible. a story about a klingon consciousness and a human consciousness melding together and coexisting peacefully could be an absolutely beautiful narrative. the way they’ve been doing it just isn’t, though.

what makes ash so wonderful to me is his unwavering compassion and kindness for others in spite of all the terrible things he’s been through. this man is the most compassionate character on the show, and it’s constantly evident

Shazad Latif attends the &lsquo;Star Trek: Dis…

Shazad Latif attends the ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Press Conference and Red Carpet during Comic-Con International 2018 at Hilton Bayfront on July 20, 2018 in San Diego, California.

Anthony Rapp, Anson Mount, Mary Wiseman, Shaza…

Anthony Rapp, Anson Mount, Mary Wiseman, Shazad Latif, Doug Jones, Sonequa Martin-Green, Wilson Cruz, and Mary Chieffo attend the ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ panel during Comic-Con International 2018 at San Diego Convention Center on July 20, 2018 in San Diego, California.


feel like we need to step up our game on love for ash tyler :/