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*thinks about how ash tyler is the only character in season 2 who provided space for michael to be emotionally vulnerable*

*ash tyler

i miss ash tyler 🙁

for the art requests– ash and michael doing anything, im so starved for Content(tm) of them


ash was supposed to teach her how to fish but they got distracted

book is probably gonna be michael’s new love interest and like as intrigued by him as i am…………………………………………………can i get a l’chaim in the chat for ashburn

hey squad i thought we were done villainizing ash tyler like i thought that was over

pike: it’s a secular holiday! lots of non-christian people actually celebrate christmas 🙂

ash and michael:


Michael and Ash || Parting is such sweet sorrow

i’m mad proud of ash tyler and obviously he deserves his promotion more than, like, anything but. he lost all of his friends. all the people he loves. his support system. his true love. idk what i’m gonna do i already miss him so much

the scene where michael pleads guilty as a mutineer to a faceless board of starfleet officers versus the scene where spock, ash, pike, and number one defend michael to a faceless starfleet interrogation. discuss