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Behind the scenes filming season 2’s “Loud as a Whisper”

Brent Spiner and Whoopi Goldberg laugh while filming “The Outrageous Okona”

Gabrielle Beaumont, one of the first and few women to direct Star Trek, seen here with Brent Spiner, Michael Dorn and Gates McFadden filming “The High Ground”

Levar Burton directs the 100th episode of Voyager, “Timeless”


September 8th, 1966 – June 3rd, 1969


“I felt that the [TNG] writers and producers could not escape from their own essential rigidity in their attitudes to women. They were continually featured as sexual objects, as softer, weaker, and therefore – it always seemed to me—second-class individuals. And because I believed and still do that the show represents what our underlying philosophies are, it doubly irritated me that in that area I thought we were failing. There is a kind of boys’ club about Star Trek, do you understand? It’s in the air all around the show, in the producers, in the front office, in the writers’ building. Our actresses were not finding sympathetic ears for the things they had to say, and I think at times they simply got exhausted by the battle.”

Patrick Stewart (x)

This was getting a reblog anyway. Then I saw who said it, and hit the thing so hard my iPad flew out of my hand.

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I know Gates McFadden and Marina Sirtis both found it ridiculous that in episodes with combat scenes they did stupid girly stuff like drop heavy objects on enemy heads while their male colleagues were using weapons. Gates in particular had a whole lot of combat training as an actor. As Stewart says, their protests were not heard by the higher ups. It got better in later seasons, but clearly there was a presumption about gender roles that treated women differently from men.

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Kate Mulgrew being adorable on “Inside Star Trek Voyager


Director Patrick Stewart chats with Brent Spiner during the filming of “A Fistful of Datas”.

There’s too many different eras to handle in one photo.

The 1990’s denim, the 2360’s android, the 1860’s cowboy, me viewing this confused in 2019.



what’s the weirdest thing you’ve had to do as an actor? force field acting is a special treat that we got on star trek, which was really fun! [x]