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One of the things I love about Star Trek Discovery is things like Mary Chieffo in full Klingon Chancellor garb lip-syncing Demi Lovato.

Hey guys remember how the Caretaker looked lik…

Hey guys remember how the Caretaker looked like before the special effects

batfleckk: As time has passed, all of us have …


As time has passed, all of us have become really comfortable around each other. All the actors – we’ve definitely gotten a lot sillier. There’s definitely a lot more singing when we shoot, a lot more dancing when we shoot, a lot more silly jokes and impressions that won’t stop and then we don’t hear “action” and we just keep doing our dumb impressions while everyone’s like: “We’re shooting.”

Susanna Thompson on “Rejoined”. No wonder Rejo…

Susanna Thompson on “Rejoined”. No wonder Rejoined is so good.

Avery Brooks:

  • Made sure Terry, himself and Susanna met up beforehand to discuss the episode
  • Was adamant about fleshing out their shared history
  • Kept the press away and created a safe space. Remember, this was a BIG DEAL back then.
  • Knew what they could and couldn’t do since he’s an actor himself

Behind the scenes on Rejoined. Avery Brooks di…

Behind the scenes on Rejoined. Avery Brooks directing.

Harve Bennett visits ILM and checks in on the …

Harve Bennett visits ILM and checks in on the Klingon Bird of Prey

stra-tek: Remember that terrifying pile of Bor…


Remember that terrifying pile of Borg corpses in Voyager’s “Scorpion”?  They were action figures.

70thousandlightyearsfromhome: On this week’s e…


On this week’s episode of The Alpha Quadrant Garrett Wang told a story I hadn’t heard before.  He has previously talked about how he got in trouble for tardiness at the end of the third season/beginning of the fourth season of Voyager.  He was suspended for two episodes because of it.  (”Blood Fever” and “Fair Trade,” I think it was.)

Everyone thought it was because of too much partying, and he let people think that. Even after Voyager was over…at at least one convention, he said he wasn’t getting any job offers, and he thought it was because he screwed up on Voyager.

(I don’t think that was it at all.  That would have been five years ago by then – ancient history – and Voyager wasn’t exactly big news in the business.  Robbie McNeill told a story about having a casting director look at his resume and ask him why he hadn’t worked for so many years.  He told her he had a regular role on Star Trek: Voyager.  She was like, “What’s that?”  I think Garrett didn’t get a lot of job offers because 1) there weren’t a lot of roles for Asian guys and 2) reality TV was exploding at the time, and that took away a lot of acting jobs.)

Anyway, Garrett said this week that it wasn’t partying that got him into trouble.  He was just so depressed he couldn’t get out of bed.  All he wanted to do was sleep.  He had five alarms set and was sleeping through all of them.  He knew it was terrible; he was keeping people waiting for half an hour to an hour and a half, and it was very expensive.  He finally had to hire a friend to call him repeatedly until he woke up.  

And the reason he was so depressed was that he was unhappy with his role on Voyager.  He felt he had gone from being the toast of the town three years ago to spending 14 hours a day, 10 months a year spouting boring technobabble.  He gave up roles in Mortal Kombat and Glory Daze (where he would have co-starred with Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, and Matthew McConaughey, among others) for Voyager.  He felt his talent was being wasted.  Rick Berman insisted that the human characters on Voyager had to be “wooden, two-dimensional, and militaristic,” to make the non-human characters look better.  And if they didn’t toe that line, the scene would be re-shot until they did.

He got called on the carpet for his tardiness and tried to explain, but Berman thought he was partying and wouldn’t admit it.  After he was late three times, Berman suspended him, and threatened to fire him.  Garrett says that’s why he was almost written out at the end of season 3.  It had nothing to do with Kes or Seven of Nine.

It’s been 20 years and still I find new reasons to hate Rick Berman.

Hair styling on the Enterprise bridge.

Hair styling on the Enterprise bridge.