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Sonequa Martin-Green, Mary Wiseman, Mary Chieffo, Wilson Cruz, Bo Yeon Kim and Ted Sullivan from Star Trek: Discovery, getting together to watch Black Panther.

Source: Sonequa’s Live Video IG


[Image: A tweet from Star Trek: Discovery writer Bo Yeon Kim which reads: 

#AfterTrek Supplemental: Our last day of the shoot for #IntoTheForestIGo was an emotional one. I remember, as I watched a bloodied Sonequa stand defiantly on the sarcophagus bridge, thinking that I couldn’t see Michael Burnham being played by ANYONE else. #StarTrekDiscovery. Underneath is a picture of Kim posing with fellow writer Erika Lippoldt and Sonequa Martin-Green.]

Bo Yeon Kim on Twitter

Star Trek: Discovery on Twitter

Showrunner: Reckoning Coming In ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Mid-Season Finale:

“I absolutely adore episode nine. There’s a clash of characters, there
are several reckonings that happen. There are a couple of things that I
don’t think the audience is going to see coming. The back half of the
season is all about dealing with what happens next week. We really put
the pedal to the metal.” – Aaron Harberts