Category: bones

spock: humans transfer information to each other by creating pressure waves through the air which are then picked up by a complicated structure that translates it back into information that the other brain can comprehend. this happens in milliseconds.
bones: ya its called talking. congrats.

Spock: Your problem is that you’re too argumentative.
Bones: I’m not argumentative, you’re argumentative!

bones: jim i just had an idea.
kirk: what?
bones: most vulcans don’t read human newspapers right?
kirk: … right.
bones: not even comics? like peanuts? they’ve probably never read peanuts??
kirk: bones, no
[later, spock and bones are in the rec room]
spock: So I just kick it right?
bones, holding a football: go ahead. i promise i’ll hold it.

Bones: Yo, dumbass. Get over here.
Spock: Okay.
Kirk: I’m coming!
Spock: *as sad music plays* I thought… I was dumbass.

Kirk: Hey, where’s Spock?
Bones: Don’t know.
Kirk: When’s he going to be back?
Bones: Don’t care.
Kirk: Could you tell him I stopped by?
Bones: Don’t count on it.

Spock: I concede I was wrong about the thing.
Bones: Good.
Spock: However…
Bones: No, no however. Just be wrong. Just stand there in your wrongness and be wrong, and get used to it.

bones: what are your symptoms
kirk: dude I don’t even know I just kinda live like this

Kirk: Bones! How did you find me? Do you have me microchipped or something?
Bones: Uh… that’s not important now…

Kirk: I miss Spock.
Bones: Jim…
Kirk, sighing: Spock used to call me that…
Bones: Because it’s your fucking name!

Bones: Your existence is confusing.
Spock: How so?
Bones: Your presence is annoying but the thought of anything bad happening to you upsets me