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Captain on the bridge



Aliens are threatening to destroy Earth, but first they want to take 500 of the finest human specimens back to their home planet. People rush to beauty parlors and line up for botox surgery. Everyone hopes that they are beautiful enough to be selected. However, when the aliens finally come to choose, it becomes clear that they have a very different idea of beauty

[Alien group chat]

K’Ke: 👀👀👀 [image file]

P’Lek: 😍😍😍

Xauw: Wow! Good find. Put him on the list.

K’Ke: I want to view those toes in my callioscope, if you know what I mean 🦑🤙🏼🤯


if life has treated you like trash and you still make an effort to be a good person
i appreciate you.

thank you.