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we were all having a good time on the internet right up until now

maybe I’ll go outside for a while

PSA: do not

my only reaction to basically everything now

don’t contaminate the good parts of the internet with that shit

hello, gatekeepers who try to tell people what they can and cannot enjoy

I really want them to find Prime Lorca I want Jason Isaacs back [Who wouldn’t? Except Jason these-uniforms-gimme-a-daily-wedgie Isaacs maybe] [And why don’t the costume designers use Velcro instead of SEWING PEOPLE INTO THEIR COSTUMES – let those people free, they can help each other rip-a-zip in and out] Because I think it would be very good to genuinely address PTSD as they have not yet done Who better than Isie to do that good acting. Angsty one minute, all business the next ….

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the weekend is almost over

I kinda loved Lorca, I was really very sad if he died… I don’t know if it’s because I loved him as an interesting character, or just because it’s Jason Issacs but I love him.

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