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The fact that Spot is a cat and looks like an angel baby but is horrible to anyone but Data is ofc high comedy but imagine if Spot was something entirely different.

Data decides he wants a pet and tells Geordi “I named her Spot” which Geordi finds adorable and then they enter his quarters and a five armed Andorian battle squid is hanging from the ceiling.


His hair’s a cheap synthetic wig but his eyebrows are the elderly Dr. Soong’s plucked body hairs. Not saying where from


I havent laughed so hard in months

I post this through the tears. Thank you everyone.


Why is Data’s hair brown but his eyebrows are white, wrong answers only


Imagine data running out of storage and before he can download and analyze the schematics of the enemy ship picard has to help him decide whether he should delete 37 cat food recipes or a klingon yodeling program


I couldn’t stop myself


More like We love you


meme template!!! use for whatever but plz credit!!!

I was just thinking about: Julian Bashir, forced to hide and be ashamed of his extra ordinary abilities. 

And then I was thinking about how it makes so much sense that he idolizes Data – Data that is open about his extra ordinary abilities and capabilities, yet is still accepted, respected and loved.

The Synth F8 from episode 2 of “Picard” was played by Alex Diehl, who in 2016 was Data for MAC cosmetics demonstration at the 50th anniversary Star Trek convention in Las Vegas.


sudden uncontrollable urge to draw data


*The bridge catches fire*

Data: This is fine.


picard: analysis commander data

data: wig, captain


unrelated what if data spoke in wildly out of date memes, exclusively incorrectly

Minute long clip featuring Picard and Data (in dream sequence) – “I don’t want the game to end”