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Say what you will about Facebook, this is probably one of the most accurately-targeted ads of all time

(Also, “Doctor Bones”? Did Jaylah write this ad?)


De Kelley and Shatner cracking each other up.



Since I’m still
in Information Mode here—yep, Bones has a pinky ring! It’s not
super easy to get a good look at it, since the camera never
particularly focuses on it, and sometimes he seems to be wearing it
with the stone turned inward to be less conspicuous. But once you
start looking for it, you’ll see it.

[ID: Three shots of
McCoy; in the top left one he’s looking off to the side with his
hand touching his chin, in the top right one he’s taking a drink
from a glass, and in the bottom one he’s holding a
futuristic-looking visor to his eyes. In all three pictures a ring is
visible on his little finger.]

As far as I know
he’s always got it on. He even seems to still be wearing it while
he’s working on the Horta, which, I mean, that’s dedication, man.

[ID: 1. A shot of
McCoy standing in a cave next to the Horta, looking down at his
tricorder, showing the ring on one hand. 2. McCoy holding up his
hands with the cement mixture all over them, with the shape of his
ring visible underneath.]

Like I said, nobody
in the main show ever mentions it, so there’s no Watsonian
explanation for why he has it (though I would bet that it comes up
somewhere in the EU, because
everything comes up
somewhere in the EU). But the real-life story behind it is
quite sweet. The ring belonged to Kelley’s mom, who he was very
close to, and after she died he kept the ring and wore it in memory
of her. When he wanted to wear it on TOS, Roddenberry initially said
no—because he didn’t want any of the cast wearing modern jewelry
is the explanation I’ve heard, although Uhura’s wearing earrings
all the time so, I don’t know what that’s about. Anyway, Kelley
told him that if he couldn’t wear the ring he wasn’t going to be
on the show, and Roddenberry wanted Kelley in the cast more than he
wanted the no-jewelry rule, so he acquiesced.

It must have been
pretty dang important to Kelley, because that’s pretty much the
only story I’ve heard of him ever pushing for something like that
(the only other instance I know of is when he and Nimoy refused to
have McCoy and Spock betray Kirk as initially written in ST V,
because, as they told Shatner, that is nonsense). I’ve heard
stories of Shatner making demands and of Nimoy insisting on things,
but no other cases of Kelley doing anything like that aside from
those two. I mean, obviously, I wasn’t on set, I don’t know, but
he just doesn’t seem to have been the kind of guy to make a fuss
about something unless he had a really good reason to.

I would presume he
wore it on his little finger either to avoid giving the impression
that it was a wedding ring, or if it was a woman’s ring it just
might not have fit on his ring finger. Or possibly he just did it for
the Look.

Personally, I’m
glad Kelley insisted, because it’s such a nice little touch of
character. Roddenberry had a problem with getting so focused on
making sure his characters adhered to his idea of what people in the
future should be like that having them actually come off as real,
relatable people tended to take second place to that. The ring is a
small thing, but it’s a sign of a character that exists outside of
the immediate situations we see him in. In-universe we don’t know
if the ring is personally significant to McCoy or if he just likes it
as an accessory, but either way, it points to a little bit of history
and personality that’s not there to serve any function for the plot
or to make any kind of significant point, it’s just there because
people have little bits of history and personality like that.

He’s still got it
in the movies, incidentally.

[ID: McCoy in Wrath
of Kahn
, laying on the floor
with his head propped on one hand, gesturing with the other hand,
showing the inner band of the ring on his finger.]

But sadly it
doesn’t appear to have made it into TAS.

I am shocked,
SHOCKED that a series with
such IMPECCABLE attention to detail as TAS somehow missed a thing
like that.

[ID: A shot from
Star Trek: The Animated Series, with McCoy sitting in a chair
opposite a brownhaired redshirt woman, both hands visible with no
ring present.]

if you’ve ever noticed that
McCoy is wearing a ring in the AOS movies…

A shot of McCoy in Star Trek (2009), standing next to Sulu and
gesturing with one hand; on the other hand, tucked against his side,
is a large silver ring.]’s
because Karl Urban knew what he was doing.


DeForest Kelley in Bonanza, The Decision (1962).

hello is it true that De Kelley ate a candy bar every night

“James Doohan told a story about how grateful Deforest Kelley was for the smallest kindnesses. Doohan overheard Kelley saying he liked to have a candy bar each night before bedtime. So Mr. Doohan went to Costco and bought the biggest box of candy bars he could find. He then went to Deforest Kelley’s home, put the box of candy on the doormat, rang the doorbell and ran! When Kelley found out who did it, he couldn’t believe anyone would do something so nice. Doohan said Mr. Kelley was always so appreciative and was always there for him or anyone who needed someone to talk to.” – [X]

Doctor Leonard H. ‘Bones’ McCoy, Ship’s Surgeon, Starship Enterprise

 Bill Shatner, De Kelley and Majel Barrett on the Enterprise bridge.

Kirk and McCoy aboard the Enterprise A

Kirk, Spock and McCoy enjoy a cookout while on vacation.

Doctor Leonard McCoy makes a grissly discovery aboard Regula One.