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oh my god?? 


honestly tho like Spock says i love you to Michael in “””””””Vulcan”””””””” and mum and i just shout THATS YIDDISH!!!!!!!!!

star trek lovin Jew culture right there 😤😤😤

i’m mad proud of ash tyler and obviously he deserves his promotion more than, like, anything but. he lost all of his friends. all the people he loves. his support system. his true love. idk what i’m gonna do i already miss him so much

Just finished watching the finale. OMG I LOVE YOU MICHAEL!! !!!




I already lost you once.

You never lost me, Michael.

michael burnham when confronted with a piece of technology that will let her fly through space as dangerously as possible but in, like, a cool way: :D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The suit is ready. Are you?

anyone any time after the events of disco s2 e14: h
spock: no i do NOT have a sister that’s INSANE and STOP ASKING.

the scene where michael pleads guilty as a mutineer to a faceless board of starfleet officers versus the scene where spock, ash, pike, and number one defend michael to a faceless starfleet interrogation. discuss

georgiou’s hubris is,, very sexie