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Where have you been, Swear Trek?

It’s been quiet here on the ol’ Swear Trek Tumblr, and I figured I owed you all an update and an exclusive nifty thing.

Yes, Swear Trek is still active on Twitter and has been this whole time, but the secret is that there were eight full months of only reruns. That changed this week with a handful of new posts that I’ll be adding to the Tumblr soon-ish.

Used to be that the Tumblr and Twitter accounts were linked and I could use my Tumblr queue to run some of my Twitter posts. This was great and worked for two years and now no longer works at all and I’ll be dammed if I can figure out why. Yes, I was using IFTTT. Yes, the identical recipe still works for @effinbirds. Go figure.

Anyways, I took the technical malfunction and my own feeling of burnout as signs that I should take a break from Swear Trek. And what a productive break it was — my first book comes out next week. It pretends to be a bird guide but is actually a bunch of score-settling with people who have wronged me in life. Yes, it is absurdly petty. Jane Espenson called it “funny and legit beautiful”, which made my month. You should buy it, there’s a pre-order price war going on, with stores in the US and UK discounting it as much as 30%.

I’m doing a pair of signing events in Toronto and Ottawa — I’ll have Swear Trek patches with me, come and tell me you’re from Tumblr and I’ll give you one. Krissy and Noel from the Swear Trek writers room will be at the Toronto one, a rare in-person get together for us.

Ok, so that exclusive I promised? Here it is. I’ve been adapting some classic Star Trek comics into full narrative Swear Trek stories. Here’s the splash page from the first one, which is about a quarter of the way done.

Hope you dig it! Buy my book! Come see me in Toronto or Ottawa!

8 Times Leonard “Bones” McCoy’s Medical Knowledge Saved The Day:

I wrote this piece about our favorite space doctor for I am sassy in it.

When presented with the possible cure, Spock immediately pulls a Spock. He states flatly that the vial might also be a beaker full of death since they can’t determine dosage and are unable to check their data. McCoyresponds by injecting himself to test the cure and prove the Vulcan wrong.

a few days away from the office and already you’ve forgotten the dress code


‘tis the season for family gatherings