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Tested out my kira makeup this morning! I’ve never worked with a face prosthetic or liquid latex so the nose is a bit messy but other than that, I think it’s looking ok!

Susanna Thompson on “Rejoined”. No wonder Rejo…

Susanna Thompson on “Rejoined”. No wonder Rejoined is so good.

Avery Brooks:

  • Made sure Terry, himself and Susanna met up beforehand to discuss the episode
  • Was adamant about fleshing out their shared history
  • Kept the press away and created a safe space. Remember, this was a BIG DEAL back then.
  • Knew what they could and couldn’t do since he’s an actor himself

Behind the scenes on Rejoined. Avery Brooks di…

Behind the scenes on Rejoined. Avery Brooks directing.







So I read up about the medical staff situation on DS9… and I have a question.

It seems that Julian Bashir is literally the only doctor on board. They seem to have a surgeon who gets mentioned maybe in 1 episode and any other staff are either nurses or only exist in post-canon literature.

So my question is: if there is only one doctor on the station… how is Julian ever allowed to drink alcohol? Or go on away missions? Shore leave???

Maybe they’ve got an EMH for when Bashir gets so plastered in Quarks he can’t even find the infirmary… which turns out to be a far more frequent occurrence than anyone initially thought it would be?

95% of what the EMH ends up doing is treating Bashir and O’Brien’s drunken injuries/hangovers…

Imagine that there’s an EMH left over from when the station was Terok Nor.

Now imagine that it’s Parmak 😉

EMH Parmak: Oh dear, Doctor Bashir is hung over again? Well, I suppose it can’t be helped when one is young and reckless.

EMH Parmak: Ah it would seem this morning that Doctor Bashir finds the needs of his prUt outweigh the needs of the station. Oh, did I say that out loud?

(And then Garak nearly has an aneurysm when he sees it)

I actually imagine that a lot of the Bajoran nurses have the real life training of doctors and can do a lot but they didn’t have formal med school education because of the occupation. So, like, Julian is the only real Doctor but his staff has way more practical experience than him and are basically doctors themselves. I also think by the end of the series a few of those nurses (like Jabara) have gotten their formal certifications but Julian is still CMO.

Jabara is really the one running the place, what with Julian always being in Ops, having 4-hour “lunch breaks” with his Lizard, then getting ridiculously drunk with Miles.

She just needs him to sign the charts and other bits of paperwork while she gets her certification.



I was reading about the DS9 episode Rejoined…

I was reading about the DS9 episode Rejoined. While I love Ezri, I think this would have been more interesting.



some trash ds9 memes i’ve been accumulating for a while



spyrograph: spyrograph: cerebrosbeforehoes: …





hmmmmmm why is this so familiar??!!!!