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Tom Riker impersonates his transporter duplicate Will Riker to commandeer the Defiant.


Elim Garak – a plain, simple tailor.

I couldn’t resist doing a little, tiny manip.


 Bashir with his sleeves rolled up and an annoyed expression is what I live for (plus Garak hovering in the background)

Tired: Garak hit his head and went to see the ship’s doctor.
Wired: Garak purposefully banged his head into the wall so he would have an excuse to see Julian when he’s Like This.

Ferel and Lupaza, members of the Shakaar resistance cell, and friends of Kira Nerys.


A thought I had while driving to work today: do you think Trill languages have three different personal pronouns that get collapsed into the one English one by the universal translator?

As in “I [symbiont] have had X hosts,” “I [host] had a horrible time going through the initiate program before I was joined,” and “I [gestalt entity] think you’re being a real jerk, Benjamin.”


cinematic parallels

Bajoran resistance hero Li Nalas